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New York jury courts reopen after seven months of pandemic | The NY Journal

Spelling mistake in Brooklyn court

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The state court system has summoned 4,600 NYC residents to serve on jury duty, as civil trials are scheduled to begin on Monday the 19th after a seven-month absence.

Criminal jury trials will begin a week later, on October 26. Processes will be limited to one or two per day in each municipality to restrict court appearances, according to the spokesman for the Office of Court Administration, Lucian Chalfen.

The potential jurors They will need to wear masks, their temperature will be taken and they will be questioned about any exposure to COVID-19 at the entrances of the courts.

Seating in courtrooms will be separated and some jurors may stand outside the rostrum.

They have also been placed plexiglass barriers around the judge, the court reporter, the witness stand, and the attorneys’ desks.

It remains to be seen if potential jurors will seek to use coronavirus concerns as an excuse to bypass their service, bounded New York Post.

Residents have been summoned to serve as grand jury in NYC since August and response rates have been similar to before the pandemic, Chalfen said.

Jury trials began last month outside of NYC and the judicial system has reported few outages.

Chief Judge Janet DiFiore said in a video message Monday that the start of the trials “does not mean that we have any intention of returning to the densely packed courthouses of the pre-COVID era (…) We have been by carefully and deliberately limiting the number of people entering our courthouses. We work day and night to expand our virtual capacity in order to satisfy the demands of our services ”.

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