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How does intermittent fasting benefit the health of women over 40? | The NY Journal

From 40 years of age, metabolic changes occur in the body of women, which can lead to weight gain, hormonal changes and other disorders

In the last months everyone talks about wonders practice intermittent fasting, not in vain according to information revealed by Google Trends was the most sought after diet in 2019 and so far in 2020. Although it is actually a millennial practice, the truth is that currently all kinds have come to light of contents that guarantee its immense benefits for gain health, lose weight Y live more.

In a particular way, the attention has been drawn to the benefits of intermittent fasting, for benefit women’s health. Between the 40 and 50 years old the woman’s body suffers hormonal changes What do they do slower metabolism and which is related to possible weight gain. A good ally to avoid and control weight gain is reduce calorie intake and stimulate certain metabolic processes. Various specialists in medicine and nutrition estimate that these changes can begin to occur from the age of 30, since it is the period in which reduces the production of growth hormone and that is related to a general decrease in muscle tone and the body burns fewer calories.

Also exist other factors that influence being overweight, which are mainly based on the reduction of physical activity and premenopausal hormonal changes, which are associated with a redistribution of body fat. At the same time, it is an age in which women are more likely to suffer an increase in glucose and cholesterol levels, especially when your habits and lifestyle in recent years they have not been the most suitable.

How does intermittent fasting help?

One of the main and most important health measures at any stage of life, it is lose weight. Be in control of your diet and choose to consume fresh, light food and of season, which are characterized by their high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants; it’s key. It is just as important avoid the intake of ultra-processed products Y doing physical activity, all are factors determinants in weight loss and the prevention of degenerative diseases.

In addition to all of the above incorporate the practice of intermittent fasting, makes the results much more fast, intense and effective. In the case of women’s health, extraordinary benefits have been reported, among which the following points stand out.

  • He intermittent fasting is a method that is directly related to the metabolic change, this is because after 10-12 hours of complete fasting, the body exhausts the glycogen stores and starts to burn ketones (a fuel made by the liver from fat). This process promotes weight loss and favors the balance in chemical levels of the organism.
  • He intermittent fasting It is characterized by periods in which you eat and others in which you fast, which stimulate a process called autophagy and who takes care of recycling or eliminating less healthy cells. This is wonderful since promotes self-regeneration of the entire organism.
  • The insulin increases when eating and is considered the main hormone involved in food energy storage, however this storage capacity is limited and once it is exceeded the liver converts excess glucose into fat. The good news is that this process works in reverse when we don’t eat (that is, fasting) and is derived in a drop in insulin and glucose levels, factors that serve as a signal for the body begins to burn the stored energy. In simpler terms, fasting allows the body to use stored energy.
  • Additionally intermittent fasting is a practice that relates to a better physical and mental performance. In particular, main cognitive functions as is the case with concentration, memory and learning.
  • The body increases its energy levels naturallyly becomes much easier to perform daily activities and physical exercise.
  • One of the most effective benefits of fasting is related to its anti-inflammatory propertiess, which benefit the functioning of absolutely the entire organism and are key in the prevention of chronic diseases. Thanks to this, women experience minor symptoms related with menstrual cycle, menopause and balance hormone levels.

The best of all is that intermittent fasting is free, is a simple and accessible method for everyone, since they exist different variations that are adapted to the lifestyle of each person. It is more than a diet, a lifestyle that can be done anytime and anywhere, although it provides great effects for weight loss and control, it is a very powerful method to combat diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, improves the functioning of all organs, prevents inflammatory diseases and lengthens life expectancy.

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