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Tuesday, December 1

Comedian Andy Dick sues man who hit him in New Orleans

By The Associated Press.

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Comedian Andy Dick filed a lawsuit in New Orleans against the man who beat him last year outside a French Quarter nightclub.

The July 30 lawsuit documents were released Thursday, The Times-Picayune / The New Orleans Advocate reported.

Dick, 54, said the punch from David Hale, 47, caused “serious, permanent and disabling injuries.” He asks for compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, among other damages.

“The whole lawsuit is ridiculous,” Hale’s attorney, Michael Kennedy, said in a statement emailed Friday to The Associated Press. Kennedy, who has denied Hale’s wrongdoing, said it was “appalling” for Dick to seek lost wages during a pandemic.

Hale has claimed that Dick provoked him to hit him by grabbing Hale’s genitals and winking at him outside the club where Dick had performed. Dick has denied ever touching Hale.

On July 28, the New Orleans district attorney’s office said it was withdrawing prosecution of Hale because Dick had not cooperated and had not kept in contact with prosecutors.

A spokesman for the district attorney, Ken Daley, said the case could be reactivated if Dick reestablishes contact with the district attorney’s office. Cock He later said that he would be willing to come to New Orleans to testify. against Hale.

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