20 years ago, Commander Massoud was assassinated in Afghanistan

It is a very sad 20th anniversary for those nostalgic for Commander Massoud, in Afghanistan and elsewhere, while the country is in the hands of the Taliban whom he fought so hard. On September 9, 2001 the lion of Panchir was assassinated by two false journalists Al-Qaeda suicide bombers.

The charismatic Ahmad Shah Massoud forged a reputation as a brilliant Afghan warlord in the 1980s by fighting against the Soviet forces that occupied his province of Panchir. After the Taliban seized power in 1996, he returned to resistance against the Islamist regime and its al-Qaeda allies, who track him down.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden himself will order the suicide mission that will kill him.

September 9, 2001 two false journalists pretext an interview and explode their bomb.

His death precedes the September 11 attacks by 48 hours.

The assassination triggered a shock wave in Afghanistan and the rest of the world, especially in the West where Massoud, who had studied at the Franco-Afghan high school in Kabul, was very popular.

For some Afghans, he was seen as the last hope against the Taliban. He was an icon. Since last Monday, the new masters of Afghanistan have declared that they have taken back the Panchir valley, the last bulwark against barbarism that has become the symbol of a dying resistance and abandoned by all.


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