Zone exit, season 5 | Episode 48: Is it time to leave Josh Anderson behind?

John Tortorella, again and again. If there is a coach who leaves no one indifferent, it’s him. This time, it’s his decision to remove Sean Couturier, as well as his “response” about his goalie’s performance on Sunday that ignite the discussions.

His decision regarding Couturier also brings us back to the Canadian. If the Flyers left out their captain, why wouldn’t the CH do the same with Josh Anderson?

Moreover, the performances of Alex Newhook and Cayden Primeau are attracting attention, as is the strong return of Alexander Ovechkin and the Capitals. All that and lots of surprises, like a mention of Jordan Weal by Stéphane Waite, which left the panel speechless.

Host: Jérémie Rainville
Guests: Stéphane Waite, Alexandre Pratt and Guillaume Lefrançois

Expectations were excessive (for Alex Newhook) at the start of the year. He was expected to be as productive as Kirby Dach. It hasn’t happened and it won’t happen. There are worse players than Newhook in the club, but what I ask myself with Newhook is that he can be very good in very short sequences, but what is his position in the medium term?

Alexander Pratt

Guillaume Lefrançois: Mentally, Jonathan Drouin is in better shape, but what makes me happy for him is the 14 goals. He talked about it in Montreal, since his wrist pain, it was difficult. This year, he’s at a 13.6% conversion rate on his shots, and it’s the first time he’s been above 10% since his injury.

Stéphane Waite: Firstly, he is healthy, and Jo especially, he was always afraid of failing. He did not play with the confidence of succeeding, but with the fear of failing. I have said in recent years that the best thing that could happen to him was to leave Montreal.

Excerpt from the podcast Area exit

Guillaume Lefrançois: I don’t rule out that it could happen (that Josh Anderson skips matches) because his playing time has already decreased significantly in the last few weeks. There are signs pointing to this.

Stéphane Waite: Yes, he deserves to skip his turn, but I think that in the Canadian’s situation, we are going to finish the season, we won’t mess with him too much, and he is hurt in terms of confidence. I’ve been watching him play for two weeks, he seems like the player who can’t wait for it to be over.

Excerpt from the podcast Area exit

Episode details

Block 1

  • 1:20 – Finally a victory in this journey
  • 9:30 – Cayden Primeau delivers a solid performance
  • 8:30 p.m. – Quiz Question: If the Flyers allow the coach to place captain Sean Couturier in the stands, could the CH do the same thing with Josh Anderson?

Block 2

  • 30:20 – Major work to be expected against Colorado thanks to the rebirth of Jonathan Drouin
  • 38:20 – Washington in the series, Ovechkin now has 26 goals. What was the trigger ?
  • 43:00 – John Tortorella does not respond and leaves following a question about his goalkeeper’s bad game. Should the NHL get involved?

Block 3

  • 51:20 – End of the regular season in the QMJHL: 32 fights compared to 106 last year and 5% increase in attendance. Should we make a link?


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