Zone exit, season 5 | Episode 47: What do the free agents think of Montreal?

In a podcast interview The Sick Podcast, the vice-president of the Canadiens, Jeff Gorton, compared the situation of his club to that of the New York Rangers a few years ago. However, the Rangers were able to count on the attraction of the city to attract quality free agents, like Artemi Panarin. Would it be possible to repeat the same move in Montreal?

Former player Antoine Roussel reveals what players really think of Montreal when they gain full autonomy. Words that make Richard Labbé and Jérémie Rainville react.

With Alexandre Pratt, they also discuss the relevance for the CH of acquiring Trevor Zegras, the fate reserved by John Tortorella for Sean Couturier, the death of Chris Simon and the defeat of the Habs against the Canucks in Vancouver.

Animation: Jérémie Rainville
Guests: Richard Labbé, Alexandre Pratt, Antoine Roussel

(Josh Anderson) fell, he tried to check someone, he fell face first and it took forever for him to get up. Getting up, in the situation he’s in, you get up and hurry back. That made it 4 on 2, and if he had stood up, he’s a fast skater, there would have been a chance there wouldn’t have been a goal. I found this to be selfish and it bothers me.

Antoine Roussel

Richard Labbé: If you arrive in October with approximately the same training, I know that Kirby Dach will be there, but you will not have very different results. But if you add a talented forward who can play on your second line, we presume that you will also have Logan Mailloux to restart the attack, then you start to talk a little.

Antoine Roussel: Personally, a pick 6, 7 in the draft, I wouldn’t trade it for a Trevor Zegras. I wouldn’t even want him close to the Canadian. Go get a player like that, and you could be wrong, players evolve, but he would be the last on my list.

Excerpt from the Zone Exit podcast

The former manager in me thinks it’s a stupid move (John Tortorella’s decision to remove his captain Sean Couturier from the lineup). He had been captain for 30 days when they sidelined him. I know very well what he is trying to do, psychological games. These are strategies used by narcissistic perverts, and I’m not saying he is, but they are strategies to show that they are in total control, that they are the boss.

Alexander Pratt

Episode details:

Block 1

  • 1:00 – CH loses momentum with 3 penalties and loses 4-1;
  • 12:50 – A match which shows the shortcomings of CH: A) Physical play and B) Joshua Roy injured, the top 6 destabilized;

Block 2

  • 24:30 – Jeff Gorton believes this summer will be the time to improve the team. You believe in it ?

Block 3

  • 44:00 – Sean Couturier left out for a 2e match ;
  • 50:00 – Death of Chris Simon: NHL denies links between chronic traumatic encephalopathy and hockey.


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