Zelensky asks the EU to decide now on Ukraine’s accession

  • The Ukrainian president has held talks with various European personalities

  • In a video he has denied having capitulated or having ordered the Army to lay down its arms

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskycalled on Saturday for the European Union (EU) to decide on Ukraine’s accession to the community club through several messages on Twitter.

“It’s a time to close the long discussion once and for all and decide on Ukraine’s membership in the EU“Zelenski wrote in a tweet after speaking on the phone this Saturday with the president of the European Council, Charles Michaelin what he described as “a new day on the diplomatic front”.

Zelensky discussed with the Belgian politician the “effective assistance and heroic struggle of the Ukrainians for their free future.”

Talk to Macron

In addition, the Ukrainian president spoke with the French president, Emmanuel Macronand assured in another tweet regarding the phone call that “weapons and equipment from our partners are on their way to Ukraine.”

“The coalition against the war is working!”, He assured after resisting the Army a hard night on all fronts after the war that Russia launched on Thursday against Ukraine.

This morning the Ukrainian Army fought in the streets of Kiev with Russian units, which would have bombed a military garrison in the west of the capital of this country.

The enemy incursion would have been repelled, according to the Ukrainian Army, which claims to have eliminated an enemy motorized column, which would be made up of tanks, trucks and other military vehicles, and which tried to advance in the Berestéiskaya metro area. It is a line that leads to the heart of this city of three million inhabitants, so after the attack it was closed by order of the City Council.

there is no capitulation

In a video recorded by Zelenski himself, he has denied his evacuation, in which the US offered to help, and that he has ordered the Army to lay down its arms before the advance of the Russian offensive on the capital.

“Now a lot of false information has appeared on the network that I have ordered to lay down arms and that an evacuation is taking place. I am here and we are not laying down any weapons,” explains the Ukrainian president, who stated that his compatriots are going to ” defend the state. “Weapons are our truth,” he added.

“It is our land, our country, our children. And we will defend everything,” said the president, who also took to the streets last night with his advisers to raise the spirits of the troops and their fellow citizens.

safer places

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According to ‘The Washington Post’, US representatives would have spoken with Zelenski about the safest places in which he could take refuge to ensure the continuity of the Government of Ukraine.

“According to our information, I am the enemy’s number one target. My family is the second. They want to destroy Ukraine politically by destroying the head of state,” Zelensky himself said in a speech to the nation.

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