Zelenski stands as a hero for the Ukrainians

On Wednesday morning, while it was still snowing and foggy in Kiev, the press office of the Ukrainian president published a video in which Volodymyr Zelensky appeared dressed in khaki and speaking with a hoarse voice. Her face was also representation of the leader in warincluding dark circles, dull skin, and facial swelling from just a few hours of sleep.

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine last Thursday, Ukrainian social networks and instant messaging applications – Telegram in particular – have been filled with images like this of the top ukrainian leader. It is a success of Zelenski, since thus his statements circulate like wildfire among the population.

Those responsible for communication Kyiv government They must think that, after days of war, the morale of the people, soldiers and volunteers must be kept high. And there is no one who can try to fulfill that task better than the president. Even more so in this case, since it is a media personality, a former comedian and actor 41-year-old who Ukrainians still remember as the winner of the local edition of ‘Mira Quien Baila’ in 2004. Even as president of Ukraine -he won the elections in 2019-, he published mocking messages addressed to the then German Chancellor Angela Merkeland ironized about the Entry of your country into the European Union.

Does not leave Ukraine

Indeed, Zelensky has had a so surreal race that some fear that it will end up crashing in some curve of destiny. President of a country at war now, he has repeated on more than one occasion that he doesn’t want to leave his village and, in his speeches, he has not spared the passionate and dramatic adjectives to curb conflict.

In his first speeches, he first addressed the 44 million people of Ukraine and then spoke to the 144 million Russians. As well appealed to international law and accused Russia of war crimes. In parallel, have you tried these days keep open the path of dialogue with Moscowbut at the same time he said that He doesn’t have a shred of hope that those deals will succeed. soon. Thus he has even obtained the chinese brafurther isolating Russia.

After the downpour of iron and fire that has plagued the Ukrainian cities of Kharkov, Kherson and Kievthis Wednesday the bombs have fallen in the south and east of the country, where the Russian advance has continued most expeditiously leaving behind civilian injuries, deaths and destruction. The Russian Army usually launches its bombs early. At five or six in the morning they are already throwing everything they consider useful to damage Ukrainian strategic structures and thus weaken it, not only militarily, but also economically. It is the prelude that is orchestrated to launch the final attacks.

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On KyivHowever, the ukrainian resistance has managed to stop this progress for the time being. In its containment strategy, the blowing up of bridges that connect the capital with the rest of the country stands out. This situation has boosted the president’s morale, a feeling that has managed to transmit it to the population. On Saturday, for example, he said that Ukraine had “disrupted & rdquor; the russian army plan of a blitzkrieg. On Tuesday, he emphasized the Babi Yar TV tower bombing, a symbolic place of the Nazi massacres against the Jews —a religious group to which he himself belongs—, although the Russian rhetoric has been that his government is ‘Nazi’; and he has insisted that the true end of the Russian President Vladimir PutinIt’s of “delete history” from Ukraine.

This Wednesday, the highest Ukrainian president stressed his admiration for the citizens of his country. “The the whole world admires you, from Hollywood stars to politicians. Today, you Ukrainians, you are the symbol of invincibility. The symbol that people, in any country, can become the best people on earth at any time”. With his statements and his charisma, Zelensky has established himself as a leader for the ukrainian people.

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