Zara Rutherford, a young 19-year-old Belgian-Briton, set off from Belgium on a solo round-the-world flight this Wednesday. If she succeeds, she will become the youngest pilot to achieve such a feat.

Zara Rutherford is obviously not afraid of anything: this 19-year-old young woman has decided to embark on a solo round-the-world flight.

It took off this Wednesday morning at 10:30 am from Kortrijk-Wevelgem airport in Belgium.

Zara was born to a British father, a former military pilot, and a Belgian mother, who also has a pilot’s license. Like father, like son !

The girl started flying at the age of 14. And today, she intends to become the youngest woman to tour the world alone in a small sports plane.

The plane is of the Shark type. It has a cruising speed of 300 km / h.

Zara will make dozens of stopovers along the 51,000 kilometers that she will go through.

> To follow its course:

Hopefully, she’ll be back in two months. Maybe three, depending on the weather.

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