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Many of you react to the texts we publish. Here is a range of comments that you have sent us in recent days.

Beyond sarcasm

I am very proud of myself for not succumbing to this tendency (contempt) and for having, for example, kept as my best friend a pro-Trump anti-vax anti-mask conspiracy theorist, etc. All of which technically I should hate since I’m the complete opposite. But we manage to see this situation with curiosity and openness. Contempt and sarcasm are very destructive and I am very happy to no longer practice them (like at the start of the pandemic, I was the champion).

François Dugas, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac

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Less interventionism

Having held the position of president of the Professional Order of Physiotherapy from 2014 to 2022, I was able to see the merits of Mr. Dumez’s thinking. Three elements occupy my thoughts. 1) That the health system separates network operations from interventionist political power. It seems to me to be on the right track. 2) Interdisciplinarity; It’s progressing slowly, but it’s progressing. 3) Increased patient responsibility in care corridors, as suggested by Mr. Dumez.

Denis Pelletier, Sherbrooke

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The American web giants have nothing to envy of TikTok when it comes to data collection, believes Martin Paquin, a question addressed by Alexandre Sirois in “Should we ban TikTok on this side of the border?” “.

Illusory confidentiality

Americans complain about TikTok, but for years they’ve been doing the same thing, if not worse. The Patriot Act and other laws allow U.S. intelligence services to demand that any U.S. company hand over data stored on their servers, whether the server is located in the United States or abroad. stranger. And as for the American web giants, they have nothing to envy of TikTok when it comes to data collection.

Martin Paquin, Montreal

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Fishermen in Havana, Cuba.

And the smile?

I have always found this list very strange in its results. The first are always the Finns and yet, I found the people of this country so taciturn: no smile, all in their own bubble, bordering on rudeness. Customer service in shops and restaurants is impatient and stupid. Are these people the happiest in the world? Really ? Anyone who has traveled to the Caribbean knows how, sometimes despite the poverty, these people seem happy. They sing, they dance, they communicate, they smile and seem to know how to enjoy life. It seems to me that this is closer to happiness than among the Scandinavians.

Nathalie Lalonde, Rosemère

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An environment in which to flourish

My son does not have an intellectual disability, but Gilles de la Tourette syndrome with many severe learning disabilities. We had to fight to protect the student so that he could enter a specialized class, despite the fact that regular classes did not correspond to his needs. Since joining in 2021, my son has made immense progress in all areas of his life, both academically and socially. He thrives in this stimulating environment and has managed to make friends. His self-confidence increased and he even managed to join a regular secondary 1 class in English! The school team does a remarkable job.

Chantale Legault, Alma

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Seal preparation in the Magdalen Islands

The chance to taste it

If seal were on the meat counter in grocery stores and sold at a reasonable price, I would obviously eat it. To diversify my diet, for the quality of its flesh, but also for the health benefits that its fat provides. The only place I saw seal meat on sale was in a butcher shop in Rimouski and that must have been 25 years ago. Given its high price and without knowing if I would like its taste, I decided to pass, but I always remained with the idea of ​​tasting this flesh.

Luc Forest, Montreal

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Brian Mulroney in 1976

Civics and intelligence go hand in hand

I have always identified myself as a progressive conservative and Brian Mulroney’s years in power were unforgettable for me in terms of his international and domestic achievements. Above all, let us not forget the great recovery in public finances carried out by Minister Wilson (to repair the damage caused by Trudeau Sr.). Let us also note the great degree of civic-mindedness that existed in the political debates of the time. I always associate civic-mindedness with intelligence, which no longer exists. As Mr. Huenefeld mentions, I strongly encourage a split in the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) to bring together true progressives in a new political party. I will never ever vote for the CCP!

Patrice Le Roux, Brossard

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Cruel Alzheimer’s disease

Régis Labeaume’s article triggered a flood of emotions. Unfortunately, I know quite a bit more about Alzheimer’s disease than I would like. It took my father in September 2020, as well as my partner’s parents in July 2022 and November 2023. The illness was devastating for my father, and short for my mother-in-law. My father-in-law suffered from it for many years before leaving. My mother, at 77 years old, is in great shape. But I’m afraid that this sad fate will strike her too one day, her and other members of my family, including myself… Can I hope that treatment, or at least the beginning of treatment, is available for my old age? This disease is horribly cruel: it erases and breaks everything in its path for the people who suffer from it, and leaves indelible marks on the people who remain…

Nancy Goudreault, Quebec

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Confessions of a Chameleon

When I first arrived in Quebec, I needed subtitles because I couldn’t hear anything! And I came from Marseille, good mother! But also, Brazilian that I am, when I arrived in Portugal at the age of 7, these dear mustachioed people spoke to me in Spanish, because they didn’t understand nada of my singing flow. So I learned a foreign language, Portuguese from Portugal, which I spoke at school and in the street, taking up my mother tongue at home. Because they are different ways of thinking, structuring sentences and positioning facial muscles. This induces and translates a different approach to emotions, humor and logic. You have to think differently to change your accent, I know something about it, because even within my country, I do it by changing region, because I have chameleon ascendancy, and that brings you closer to playing the same harmony . Accents are a language, they are music and a rhythm, and we should stop being offended by them. Ask an Argentinian to understand the flow of an Andalusian, I, who speak Spanish perfectly, lose my flamenco!

Bïa Krieger, Montreal

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