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Many of you react to the texts that we publish. Here is a range of comments that you have sent us in recent days.

Less popular funds

The Fund is becoming less and less popular! Having been a “member” of the Caisse for 20 years, I am sad to see, over time, services, counters, access points disappearing at the same speed, or almost, as other “normal” banks. . Desjardins loses a little more of its soul with each of these cuts. If Desjardins members were asked if they would agree to receive a smaller rebate in order to preserve counters in a few remote villages, I would hope that they would vote yes. A civilization must be judged by how it treats its elders and, in my opinion, we are in a bad place!

Mario Milic, Chateauguay

Skin of sorrow

Services are diminishing dramatically for our village. We closed the counter, then the Desjardins counter. We have to go to the neighboring village a dozen kilometers away and we are increasingly encouraged to go to the branch about thirty kilometers away to meet an advisor, in addition to limiting opening hours. We must insist on having an appointment closer to home. After that, to close these service points, they have the nerve to argue that there are fewer and fewer customers going there. Alphonse Desjardins must be turning in his grave.

Marlen Bégin, Sainte-Germaine-Boulé

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“The fact that brokers’ remuneration is a percentage of the sale encourages overbidding,” estimates Louise Passerini.

Clean up real estate

The fact that brokers’ remuneration is a percentage of the sale encourages overbidding. These do essentially the same job, regardless of ownership. We must clean up the real estate sector, which represents a citizen’s biggest expense and which has long-term financial impacts.

Louise Passerini, Brossard

Fixed brokerage rates

It seems to me that a simple solution would solve many problems (beyond selling your house yourself, which is so much more advantageous). Fixed brokerage rates should simply be imposed rather than remuneration based on a percentage of the sale value of the property. I would like someone to explain to me why selling a $750,000 house requires more work than selling a $450,000 house. Does that really require $6,000 more in compensation? To ask the question, is to answer it.

Marc Desaulniers, Montreal

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This won’t happen in Gaza

Destroy Hamas, yes. Kill thousands of Gazans, no. How to achieve the first objective without wiping out Gaza? Hamas fighters must see that their chances of emerging victorious from this conflict are diminishing day by day. I would like to see them come out of their tunnels with their hands in the air. That won’t happen, of course, because they don’t care about the fate of displaced, starving civilians living crowded together in southern Gaza. And Netanyahu, like his far-right ministers, also doesn’t care about the fate of Gazans, and Palestinians in general. This is squaring the circle.

Diane Parent, Ottawa

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A Court of Appeal judgment has granted asylum seekers the right to send their children to subsidized daycare.

Let’s get mothers back to work

It is indeed desirable that all parents in Quebec have access to subsidized daycare for their children, especially those who are struggling economically. But for this judgment to have a concrete impact on the lives of asylum seekers, there must always be places available. We can only see that the government is slow to create places in CPE and I would like to understand why. In the greater Quebec region, there is a labor shortage and many young mothers have to delay their return to work because they cannot find a place in daycare for their babies.

Christiane Roy, Quebec

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I am newly in my sixties and the end of my existence is occupying more and more space in my thoughts. I helplessly witness the cognitive decline of my 89-year-old father and I can’t imagine living like this. I’m probably more physically active than many, although a little too attracted to all those foods that we should avoid (cold meats, cheese, chips and wine). The work of the Dr Martin Juneau and others among the population is making headway, I believe. I was listening to the Dr Gaétan Barrette in an interview recently talking about his weight loss and changes in his daily life and his example was an inspiration, as is your point of view, Mme David. I believe that everyone can contribute to the well-being of those close to them through their actions. However, we must avoid falling into food zeal or extremism. I congratulate you on your choice regarding alcohol. I’m myself in my 36e day without alcohol, a challenge that I set for myself for three months. I don’t think I will stop completely after this period, however I will have to better manage my relationship with the pleasure of drinking. Moderation in everything is a good saying!

Benoît Bernier, Boischatel

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The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art

Two museums, two approaches

It is interesting to compare the approach of two important Montreal museums. The director of the McCord Stewart, an independent museum, says: “We are in an inflationary context, we have a housing crisis. I believe that we must be vigilant regarding societal concerns, do our homework and ensure that what we offer demonstrates a certain sobriety,” indicated Anne Eschapasse, who has directed the McCord Stewart Museum since April 2023. The new president and CEO of the institution was very sober about details on the project which was announced in 2019, then postponed by five years last summer. “We are in a very different context, facing the pre-pandemic. There is a real issue of social acceptability and I think we need to review the project to ensure that it is fair and relevant and that it really meets needs. » For the MAC, a museum in Quebec, we are talking about $116 million for an expansion of the exhibition rooms by only 28% (The Press, September 20, 2023). Shouldn’t Quebec take inspiration from McCord’s approach, be cautious and perhaps postpone and rethink the project? At the very least, if Quebec moves forward, exhibition hall space should at least be significantly increased.

Guy Gauthier, Laval

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