It seems that the basic objective in this final part of the season is that nobody gets traumatized. The matches end, you listen to them talk and everyone wins, even if they lose. Football is increasingly squeezing reality to be right. The basic thing is to haggle over sadness and frustration and for this there are plenty of tricks and tricks. Football is a praise to self-justification. If you win it is not necessary to say more and if you lose you can choose your favorite excuse. You must choose your favorite excuse. There are people who are dying to hear your favorite excuse. There are people who ask for ‘another, another’ like in concerts to artists, people who buy anything before admitting a blunder.

Football is very generous with dialectical pirouettes. Depending on whether it suits you or not, wasting time is either a legitimate resource or an unworthy aberration. Depending on whether it suits you or not, thongs are destroying the sport and are a bad example for children worldwide or just football things, things that happen and ha ha ha, what a good laugh. Depending on whether it suits you or not, the only important thing is to win or you have to go further. In football there is never a lack of consolation. In football the principles are removable, and you can say one thing and do the opposite without feeling any kind of embarrassment. There are people who arrive convinced from home. There are people who do not fail. There are people who don’t even need to watch the games to tell you what’s going on.

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I will not be the one to criticize all this. I am here to criticize something. Often there is no choice but to deny reality to keep the desire to continue breathing. In my house it is done constantly, with remarkable success, and it could be said that it goes back a long way. You can blame everything on your parents, the government, a coach or a teacher, even though deep down you know you don’t. When I went to high school and some pimp asked me for a cigarette in the arcade, and I gave it to him, I convinced myself that I gave it to him because he wanted to, not because he was afraid of a possible violent reaction to my refusal. I still tell that I left football in youth to go out partying, when in reality football had already left me before as impossible, and on its own. The life I lead, the job I have, my face and my body… I can say out there what I want, and at times I even believe it.

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This evasive and defensive attitude has undoubtedly permeated the family. The basic objective is also that no one is traumatized. Now you score a goal for my son and he tells you no, that “the net has stopped him.” You can’t fight against that. How do you counter that? There is no argument that knocks him down. An impeccable clearance, a fantastic pirouette. My son is invincible.

A coach will soon come out after conceding a goal and will say the same thing as my son at a press conference, that it wasn’t a goal because “the net stopped it”, and there will be those who agree with the guy. And they will later publish an audio of that same coach admitting in private that the goal was a goal, but even so, there will be those who continue to defend the opposite. You can’t fight against that. In football and everything else. Squeezing reality, national therapy. Faith has no rival.

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