‘Your face sounds to me’: Agoney wins his first gala after embroidering his imitation of Limahl

These will be the performances of the next gala of ‘Your face sounds like 9’

– David Fernández will be Torrebruno.

– Los Morancos will get on the cloner to be Frank Sinatra and Bono.

– Loles Leon will transform into Gary Low.

– Eva Soriano will get into Rosalía’s skin.

– Nia will be challenged to be Pussycat dolls.

– Rasel will become Tom Jones.

– Lydia will clone herself into Bebe.

– María Pelaé will perform with Pastora Soler thanks to the ‘Original and Copy’ box.

– And Agoney, winner of this third gala, will be Frankie Valli.


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