Your cards for September 27, 2022


Re: Various City Areas Have Fewer Trees, New Report Reveals, Sep 23

First, let’s hope Nature Canada didn’t spend a ton of cash on this study, they could have rented a bike and taken a ride through some Calgary communities to come to the same conclusion. Second, the city must not allow developers to arbitrarily remove mature trees for fill.


The first thing to go, even before demolition, is anything green, especially those big trees with their pesky roots. Third, the city should better promote and improve its Tree Branching Program, which encourages free tree planting on private property.

If our civic leaders are to take seriously the climate emergency they have recognized as real, they must remember that actions speak louder than words.

Rob Butler, Calgary


Correlation or causality?

People at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale, and that includes most new Canadians, tend to live in communities with smaller, higher-density, and less-expensive housing. Since most urban trees are on private property, this by default means fewer trees in those neighborhoods. The richest people, regardless of their race, will live in bigger houses with more trees, with landscaped gardens. By default, caused by urban planning, they will live in different neighborhoods.

fairness is not the same

Re: Canada needs apprentices after exodus caused by COVID-19; The workforce suffered, September 22

I was glad to read in your pages that a Service Apprenticeship Program has been established and that contractors can receive significant funding to hire new tradesman apprentices. Interestingly, “the incentive doubles to $10,000 if the hired trainee belongs to a group that deserves equity.”


Would anyone be willing to describe to their readers which trainees are not in this group and would only qualify for the smallest grant?

He had the (apparently mistaken) belief that we all deserve to be treated fairly.

Steve Weisner Calgary

The Commonwealth needs to push back on Putin

Thank you for reporting on the resistance within Russia to Putin’s aggression in Yugoslavia. However, it won’t be enough to stop him, and the world needs to examine his possible responses. Canada especially, with its proximity to Russia, should be very concerned.

The United Nations has failed to stop armed conflict, as the League of Nations did in 1914 and 1939. Furthermore, the main offender today is a member of the Security Council, which is supposed to protect the world. of armed conflicts.

It is timely and very appropriate to revive the British Commonwealth of Nations in order to offer Russia some open resistance. This is very important as both China and North Korea are also beating their war drums. Although the colonial era of European countries has created much animosity for their mistreatment of indigenous populations, it should not prevent us from cooperating and reacting to a new threat of domination by new political cultures.

Arnold Murray Calgary

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