YOU SAID IT: Where will I spend my money

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Re: BAD to the bone; A group of local businesses say they won’t ask for a vax pass, Oct 1

I side with those companies that are challenging the unconstitutional jab passport. Why can’t there be some kind of compromise? Let the individual company decide, as well as the customer. For those who want to live their lives in fear, they can stay home or sponsor those businesses that will only allow access to the voids.

Let’s face it, many people who complied with receiving the jab did so because they were coerced, threatened to lose their jobs, or told they couldn’t travel. Not everyone was as anxious as the media and the government would have them believe.

This problem has been one of the most divisive in recent history, shattering families, friends and co-workers. That’s never a good thing, and neither is allowing the government to dictate every aspect of your life.

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I choose not to live my life in fear and I will not support companies that discriminate. My money will be spent on those who will treat everyone the same. After all, if they’ve been tapped, they’re supposed to be safe, right?



(Stay well.)


I do not question a person’s right to disagree with the Ontario government requirement for vaccine passports. After all, that is your right in a democracy. And yes, sometimes I question the decisions and requirements of this provincial government. But after hearing and reading about the harassment that companies, like restaurants, are experiencing because they are “enforcing” vaccine passports, I have to wonder about the customers who are doing this. I have a hard time believing that they did not know about this passport requirement before showing up for business.

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We need to support these companies, not harass them to ensure a government requirement is met.




Re: ‘THIS IS HARD JOB’: Chief Welcomes Recruits to Different Era of Police, Online Edition Sep 30

Having spent almost 40 years in the police force, there have always been major changes in the way work is done. Certainly, when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was introduced, the way the police conducted themselves underwent radical changes. All police agencies and courts eventually adapted to the new demands of the statutes.

Today, policing seems increasingly politically dictated. Diversity has become a main driver in hiring. With Trudeau considering the RCMP and society at large to be systemically racist, officers must now walk a tightrope in the performance of their duties.

During my time in the police force, officers had tremendous public support, which is no longer the case in many cities, including Ottawa. The call from various groups and some politicians to defund the police has been demoralizing for the police community. Officers will adjust to changes as long as they are adequately supported and supported by those responsible.



(Well said.)

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