YOU SAID IT: What will it take?

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Inflation is at its highest rate in about 40 years. Everything we buy requires multiple shipping so all we buy is affected by the price of gas, which has increased by close to 50 per cent in the last year, fueling inflationary pressure. Various taxes make up a significant portion of fuel price.

The Bank of Canada is increasing interest rates to try to rein in escalating inflation. Chrystia Freeland announces new measures to address rates, but merely restates $9 billion of previously stated money being thrown around by the feds.

As Europe looks to reopen coal-fired energy plants to meet demand, with nary a peep from media darlings like Greta, and the US looks to suspend all state and federal gas taxes for three months, our federal government has no willingness to back away from its unrealistic energy policies and taxes.

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What will it take to get our governments to act responsibly? With little or no financial room to deal with new problems, what will it take for Trudeau and Singh to take action that will benefit Canadians and help control runaway inflation? Will Canadian voters put pressure on them before we go into recession and face further economic devastation?



(People don’t seem willing to take this for much longer but it remains to be seen what will be done about it.)


I feel strongly that an inquiry has to be held into Transport Canada and the IRCC, and their ministers need to be replaced immediately. Why are our airports in utter chaos? What were passport agents doing while working from home during the pandemic and receiving full pay? Why is there such a backlog in applications when this government knew full well COVID travel restrictions would be eased at some point so people would start to travel again? Talk about asleep at the switch; it’s embarrassing.

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Shame on you, Justin Trudeau, Omar Alghabra and Sean Fraser. Canadians deserve much, much better. We need answers and we need them now.



(Guess they didn’t hustle fast enough to fill vacated positions.)


Inflation now running at 7.7 per cent is a direct result of the war on hydrocarbons. The largest contributor is gasoline, followed by oil prices. Staples are next and they are the result of increased transport costs. The Liberal party thinks the answer is to print and give away more money to struggling people. Well, we are now all struggling, but there is nothing in it for the average Joe except much higher taxes down the road just to pay interest costs on the rising federal debt.

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Time for these clowns to go. Instead, their focus is on not answering questions around the declaration of the Emergencies Act contradicting their election promise of open government and accountability. They don’t even have the honor to resign as is customary when caught lying to Parliament.



(Here’s hoping for the economic survival of the so-called average Joe.)


Regarding the Afghanistan earthquake and the Taliban appeal for more aid, well, all you men in power over there, here’s the deal: you decree that all girls and women can return to school and have paid employment in perpetuity, and we’ll see what can be done about some foreign aid. Break your word and the aid stops again. Got that?

And stop claiming you need helicopters to reach the remote area to evacuate the injured and deliver food. You have all those military helicopters the Americans left behind, which you now claim as yours.

Also, during your rescue missions, don’t forget this: women and children first!



(Thanks for reading.)

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