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Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Growing up as a young person under Mr. Freeze’s father, his disdain for Alberta was no secret when he had the government create Petro-Canada, the national oil company.

However, comparing it to today, Alberta and now Saskatchewan are viewed basically as enemies of the state. How else would one interpret it with our PM and his most arrogant radical green lieutenant hell-bent on shutting down our fossil fuel industry? Oil and natural gas have not only made this country extremely prosperous, but have also made the lives of Canadians so much easier.

Justin Trudeau has declared economic war on our western cousins ​​and he will not cease until every drop of crude is firmly encased in the ground, never to be gushed out of the soil again. Alberta and Saskatchewan have been treated like dirt; they should begin negotiations to separate from this broken country because it is obvious they are not wanted.

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(Pardon us for saying so, but that’s a pretty divisive point of view.)


I hope that a new arena is built somewhere downtown and that the fans, the city and businesses unite and start supporting our biggest team.

Supporting the Senators, Redblacks, 67’s, BlackJacks and the Atlético gives us a fun side to our city beyond politics. The Senators are turning into something special, but, with the passing of the team’s owner, there are now so many unanswered questions for the near future.

During Sunday’s game, I remembered Eugene Melnyk and what he did for our great city. My condolences to his entire family of him.

Go Sens Go.

Mark Davies


(The future looks bright for this team of young stars.)

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While I think the truckers convoy happened for the wrong reason — there is a laundry list of other things worthy of protest — I find it surprising that it took the imposition of the federal government’s Emergencies Act to allow the protest vehicles to be towed.

I would have thought a municipal bylaw would have been in place to allow the authorities to remove the vehicles.

Does this mean that, the next time a vehicle blocks a street in Ottawa, a federal government Emergencies Act will have to be enacted to allow towing?

Terry Gable

(The situation evolved into a bigger safety hazard than simply a few trucks that needed to be towed away.)


Re: Simmons says; Matthews’ 50-goal season is like nothing the Leafs have seen … Lowry’s departure similar to Halladay … Even a bad Cup draw is good for Canada, column, April 3

I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of the Steve Simmons column where he addressed the lack of attention given to the Toronto Raptors’ success by sports broadcasters to the south. “You wouldn’t think the Raptors play in the NBA … Pascal Siakam scored a career-high 40 points … and ESPN talks about the Lakers.”

Steve, welcome to the world of every other Canadian sports fan/team outside the center of the universe, aka Toronto. Thanks for the four-paragraph update on the Auston Matthews goal-scoring title, his candidacy for the Hart Trophy and the Selke Trophy… yawn.

Jason McDonald


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