YOU SAID IT: Thank you Americans

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Justin “I never found a photoshoot I didn’t like” Trudeau was there when The Two Michaels landed. When he announced it, it seemed like he was in shock and had just heard the news himself.

Thanks to the Americans, because they made freedom possible. Another hurdle in his memoirs tentatively titled “Turning Canada Communist, My Real Government in Progress.”

Big day for Canadians and bad day for China (hostage-taking negotiations). It would look like a tough day for PMO spinning cyclists. It is also sad that two Canadian citizens had to wait for a foreign power to rescue them.

COVID, Afghanistan, an election and finally great news to end the week. What else can go wrong? Always fear, Justin is here.


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(And probably here to stay four more years).


Canadian boys are free, and trade and Chinese relations will resume as before (according to CTV News and the former ambassador to China). According to this headline, Canada needs China. He advocates, as I am sure the ruling Liberal government does, that this incident be considered “water under the bridge”, a “misunderstanding between friends.”

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

That is just nonsense. Canada needs to ditch Huawei’s 5G network, cut 50 percent or more of its trade with China, and close the Chinese embassy in Ottawa. Show some moxie, for Pete’s sake (certainly not for Justin’s sake).

China laughs at the selfie boy and his government. What a disgrace. And he’ll get most of the credit for this prisoner swap. All that was missing was the proverbial bridge.

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(Moxie seems to be in short supply these days.)


That is why Meng Wanzhou was crying when he found out that he would return to his home, which is the largest rogue state in the world. Poor woman, having to put up with that horrible ankle bracelet while shopping at Vancouver’s best boutiques and making the difficult decision of which of her two mansions she was going to reside in week after week. Oh, the horror.

I am sure that Mr. Kovrig and Mr. Spavor had to endure the same conditions. Good trip.



(Everything is too much).


Re: enter, friends; Immigration department draft document reveals plan to loosen rules for aspiring Canadians, Sept. 27

The Trudeau government had announced its plan to bring in a million immigrants long before the recent elections, along with thousands of refugees. Federal liberals have always viewed mass immigration to urban centers as the best way to continue to build their power bases in those areas. However, even though such a massive population increase will add a huge carbon footprint, it is being done during a pandemic, with high unemployment, housing shortages in every Canadian city, and our health care on life support is not even discussed during the recent campaign. .

Once again, we see that the Trudeau government uses immigration for its own purposes, not for the economic well-being of Canada. And no peep came from the hapless official opposition, who can’t understand why they just lost a third straight election to Trudeau.




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