YOU SAID IT: ‘Skills’ on display again

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Once again our woke PM showed the world he’s not just dozing, but totally asleep at the switch.

This time it was his non-answer and PC green-blathering when asked directly if Canada would, like other nations, increase oil production and exports to help wean Russian-oil-dependent European countries off war-financing petroleum. Not to mention the boost increased production would give to Canada’s economy and our western producers.

The answer, of course, continued his greatest skill: embarrassing Canada on the world stage. His blind ideological nonsense and off-the-question response from him only reinforced his pathetic performance from him on every energy file he touches.

If political leadership was an international sport, I wonder who else or how much more Canadians would have to pony up to trade Trudope for a first-round pick like, oh, say, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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(If we land at the bottom of the standings, we’re almost guaranteed first pick.)


Canadians seem to be morally pacified by the federal government’s announcement and the media’s reporting of the fact that we will no longer import any Russian crude oil. Sounds good, until you look more closely and discover that Canada has actually not imported crude oil from Russia for years, but yet still imports 10,000 barrels of refined products (gasoline) per day.

Fortunately, they know the masses will not investigate much past the quick sound-bites and will smugly reveal in our strong sanctions, as we #StandWithUkraine.



(Ah, the raw facts!)


Apparently, according to the province, virtually all masking requirements will be dropped, including the school kids by March 21. This is about two months late, but better late than never. The forced face-diapers on students, especially with the very young set, were akin to child abuse. Regarding the mask mandate still being enforced on public transit until April 27, this is nonsensical because most of the “streetcars to nowhere” and the red and white rockets are virtually empty all the time, anyway.

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(Stay well.)


Am I wrong in thinking Justin is as fixed on his carbon taxes as Vlad is with his imperial designs? We all know we are going to be taking a hit on commodity prices due to Vlad, but the least our government can do is save us from a financial a– kicking and hold off on carbon taxes and cut the federal gas tax until things even out . He will most likely come out and say we all have to make a sacrifice and do nothing.



(Because we’re all in this together.)


A year or so ago, gas had plummeted to 90 cents a liter. If I remember correctly, the reason given was Russia and Saudi Arabia were not happy with one another, hence they both ramped up production and flooded the market, thereby causing prices to drop drastically.

So I now wonder, what with most of the world putting the squeeze on Russia, causing gas prices to rise drastically, why don’t Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries do the right thing and ramp up production?

Do the OPEC nations not care what Russia is doing? Do they think nuclear fallout will not affect them?

Michael Barnes


(So ​​it seems.)

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