YOU SAID IT: Qualities I’d like to see

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Nothing against the mayor personally, but I will not regret that he leaves. You have spent more time securing your “legacy” than making smart decisions for the city. Let’s not forget the ongoing jokes about your presentation for opening an envelope to get that photo shoot, thus ending the need to hire a second assistant.

So now the names are coming to fill the position. As a taxpayer, I know what I would like to see: a mayor who is fiscally responsible and one who is not obsessed with having his name enshrined for some reason. I would like a mayor who puts the needs of the city as a whole at the forefront and is not so busy trying to buy votes by funding special interest groups, which takes money away from problems that benefit the city in his set. and increase our taxes beyond what is necessary.

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I’d also like to see a mayor who allows full debate and doesn’t train councilors to get away with it. Councilors are elected to represent their constituents and not to support a person who thinks the only opinion that matters is their own. Most of the members of this council are Watson ringleaders who seem not to care about the people they are supposed to speak for.

I don’t want a mayor to “wake up, cancel culture.” Is there anyone who can fit in with that bill?



(I guess we’ll see).


Old liberal relic Bob Chiarelli, super socialist Catherine McKenney and forever in the public via Diane Deans are a sad bunch to run for mayor of this city.

Bytown needs someone who combines business experience with politics, and the name John Baird comes to mind. The man did a masterful job as a cabinet minister under Stephen Harper and is not afraid to make a decision in his style not to take prisoners. He is also bilingual and has many connections in both Queen’s Park and the Hill “swamp.”

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He would easily be victorious.



(I highly doubt that you are interested).


Bob Chiarelli’s expiration date is long past.

It’s time for you to take a walk in the snow.



(Way to count a man even before the race has started.)


One day last week, Ontario reported 1,453 new cases of COVID. Of that total, 613 people were not vaccinated and 718 were fully vaccinated.

The following day, Quebec reported 1,982 new COVID cases, with 970 people unvaccinated and 972 fully vaccinated.

I’m not sure what to say, but there should be an “expert” in Ontario and Quebec with something to say about more “fully vaccinated” COVID cases reported than “unvaccinated” cases reported.

Since I am not an expert, I see it the same way as if I were playing hearts. The lowest score wins. Since the lowest number of COVID cases last week was among the unvaccinated, the unvaccinated were the winners and the vaccinated, well, they were the losers.



(Really? Is this what it has come to?)

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