YOU SAID IT: No more!

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Since the beginning of this pandemic, “experts” assure us that vaccines are “bee knees”, the only answer to return to normality. It seems to me that, no matter what level we reach in the vaccinated public, it will never be enough for them.


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The analogy that comes to mind is the farmer hanging a tasty treat in front of, but out of reach, his beast of burden to keep it moving forward. The poor beast does not have the ability to reason that his master has no intention of letting him reach out and devour the treat. Poor beast!

This poor beast has been bullied in three COVID-19 vaccines, but no more, that is, enough is enough!

Pfizer has already addressed the issue of a fourth booster. The cynic in me wonders – just as quarantines and lockdowns have made Amazon, Walmart, and other conglomerates make hundreds of millions of profits, maybe drug companies have finally found the proverbial golden goose.


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(Or maybe this is a complicated, fast-changing virus and we should all keep an open mind.)


Even though Canada’s auto industry is threatened by Joe Biden’s “buy American” policy, we should still be fine. The President has clearly stated that while Australia is his country’s “most trusted ally”, Canada is its “easiest” relationship.

Negotiations on this contentious issue will obviously proceed accordingly.



(We suggest that you Google “United States and Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute”).


As I am so horrified by the atrocities the Chinese government is committing against (group name here), I will carry out my own boycott of the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics by not seeing or hearing them on any electronic device. I will also overlook anything about them in the print media.


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I hope that other people will join my boycott and follow my example.


(But sledding is a really cool sport!)


For years, Ontario residents have complained and complained about the high cost of their hydroelectric power. Now I think this is and was just a bunch of nonsense. The fact that the province chose Justin Trudeau proves it. Trudeau promised to make life more expensive and won the Ontario vote.

It’s too bad Ontario residents can’t see what a big mistake picking Trudeau would become. But Ontario overwhelmingly supported Trudeau anyway. It really shows how easy they can be easily bought. So now when I hear or read about Ontario complaining and complaining about inflation and / or the high costs of hydropower, all I can say is, “It serves you well.” Unfortunately, his stupidity and bad decisions seriously affect the rest of Canada.

Perhaps Ontario should leave Canada and take the welfare province of Quebec with you, along with its two parts of debt. This way Alberta no longer has to bottle feed and support these two provinces as Alberta oil is said to be very dirty. But somehow the compensation payment money received is so clean and welcome. This will soon come to an end, one way or another.



(Who is going to tell you that hydroelectric prices are controlled by the province?)



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