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Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Re: Swinging down; Marcel Desjardins became the general manager of the Redblacks but responds immediately by informing the team president that he is ‘making a mistake’ on Oct. 26.


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So Marcel Desjardins feels his firing was the Redblacks’ mistake and told him so when informed of his decision.

This is a general manager who let our star-studded roster of players, including players like Greg Ellingson and SirVincent Rogers, among others, walk away in free agency, feeling they weren’t worth what other teams offered them. He felt he had a better plan. That plan also included ignoring the views of a beloved head coach, Rick Campbell, who was later expelled from the organization as well.

As Desjardins’ ego and arrogance exhausted our roster of star players and coaching staff, the inevitable happened. Two seasons of lousy football by a team that made the playoffs in the previous four seasons, appeared in the Gray Cup three times and won the Gray Cup once.


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It would seem that the biggest mistake the Redblacks made was not firing Desjardins sooner.



(Talk about kicking a man when he’s down, let’s not forget all of his successes.)


So a new cabinet has been sworn in and, dare I say, they are the saddest looking group. Worse than the last, not much has changed as more incompetent and incompetent people have been placed in positions that will end up proving that Justin Trudeau is not yet and will never be qualified to run a lemonade stand, let alone a country.

Canada is and will continue to be a laughing stock on the world stage. Yes, you could say that he was voted, but the fact that he got fewer votes than Erin O’Toole apparently doesn’t count, and that is why he broke his promise of electoral reform. The GTA will always win for the Liberals because they have 25 seats out of 121 in Ontario.


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Sure, he demoted some of the more disastrous ministers, only to replace them with even more questionable selections, ergo, I don’t foresee anything changing for the better for Canada. He still thinks he is God and will never listen to the needs and wants of the Canadian taxpayer.



(Well, things can’t get much worse, can they?)


A prominent Canadian educator, Laurence J. Peter, presented a concept that he observes: People in a hierarchy tend to rise to their “level of incompetence.” This became widely known as “The Peter Principle”. If anyone needed to see an obvious example of this, they just had to tune in to Justin Trudeau’s cabinet ministers who were sworn in for those aforementioned “roles.”



(There is nowhere to go but up …)

But there is something

The recent admission by the Bank of Canada that inflation will be longer and less “transitory” than it had previously predicted is obviously concerning to Canadians. However, there is an advantage. The inevitable tax increases that the federal government will soon impose on the masses can now be paid for with the rapidly devalued dollars that we still have. So even though we will nominally pay more, it will actually be worth less.



(Somehow that doesn’t look like a ray of light.)



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