YOU SAID IT: No Frenchman doesn’t fly?

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Once again someone who does not speak French is being vilified by those frail rabid Francophones. The most recent is Michael Rousseau, CEO of Air Canada. Are you doing your job? The answer to that is apparently yes, and to do very well as the airline’s shares jumped 18 percent last Monday. Your job is to run the company and get through one of the worst times the company has probably seen in its history. Do you have to speak French to be able to do that? Absolutely not.

You must have lived in Montreal for over 14 years. And that? His concern was running the airline, and Montreal is very English. Twisting that and attacking him personally is a testament to how discriminatory the Francophone community is towards anyone who does not speak their language. While French may be an “official language” in this country, it is not the same as English, which is spoken by the majority.

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Kudos to him for hiring a tutor as it is not an easy language to learn, much more difficult than English. Should you apologize for not speaking French? Absolutely not, and no English speaker needs to apologize to anyone for not speaking French.

Quebec must be careful about its attitude because you may find that companies simply base their headquarters elsewhere.



(My God.)


Re: hitting the nail on the head, letter, Nov 10

A letter writer claims that it is the big dirty people who have to do their part to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and who praise the efforts of Greta the Grinch, whose 15 minutes of fame is reduced to the last 30 seconds.

It’s funny, nothing is mentioned about the hundreds of private jets used to transport world leaders, NGOs and other rich and famous to the Glasgow Gabfest, with some even falling asleep and breaking the wind.

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Not a peep about China, where the largest rogue state continually installs coal plants and uses slave labor to make products, including lithium in the production of electric cars.

Teach them before you start with the local folks that you simply drive their vehicles to the store.



(We all have a role to play).


Ordinary people are cut out for working from home. Children are made to learn from home. Billionaire sports team owners are earning all they can by packing as many as they can into their multi-billion dollar stadiums and arenas. Some billionaire gamers dangerously lie about their vaccination status.

I am a huge sports fan and am happy to watch them from the comfort of my home. If that means a billionaire is going to lose a few million, too bad.



(Players seem to be the most affected.)


Now that we know, and it has become painfully obvious, that COP26 was a total and absurd failure, why? Why do we persist in wearing these things? We know that absolutely nothing will be done. Politicians, the wealthy, and businessmen keep wasting their time with this show of incompetence.

All of them are traitors to the planet and to all the people who live. Perhaps a world revolution would wake them up, but it would be too late.



(Never say Never.)

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