YOU SAID IT: Litany of sins

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Re: ‘I prayed for it’; Pope apologizes for residential schools, April 2

A heartfelt apology is a genuine and regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure. An empty apology is a reluctant acknowledgment of an offense or failure, but only given for expeditious reasons. Too much time has passed, too many lies have been told, too much deception has occurred, too many lives have been ruined, too much pain has been endured and too much pressure has had to be brought to bear for any apology by Pope Francis to be considered anything but hollow, insincere and self-serving.



(Offering an apology is one thing. Having it accepted is another matter entirely.)


Re: Joly to visit Europe for meetings on Ukraine, April 3

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Excuse me, but didn’t Mélanie Joly jet off to Europe less than a couple of weeks ago? Perhaps she should have stayed there, and kept the PM with her, instead of producing all that carbon going back and forth. I guess it’s up to Canadians to bring down their carbon footprint so politicians not only don’t have to, but can also increase theirs.

Since Canada isn’t even close to being a large producer of global emissions (approximately 1.5 per cent) and our trees soak up that, it doesn’t take a genius to see that Justin Trudeau’s carbon taxes are just a money grab. It does nothing to bring down the emissions of countries like the US, China, Pakistan and at least a dozen others that produce way more than we do.

Another letter writer pointed out that there are ways to burn our garbage and collect the energy from that. So why aren’t we doing that? The massive multimillion-dollar yachts, plans and mansions being seized from Russians show how out of touch the rich are. Celebrities and politicians love to tell us how to live while they continue to single-handedly create carbon footprints as large as some cities.

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Stop flying all over the place and conduct these meetings via video conferencing. Do your part.



(What’s good for the goose …)


How unbelievable that, after more than 70 years, the members of the Russian military continue with their historic murdering, torture and rape as they did during their offensive death march through Germany on their way to Berlin during the Second World War. These atrocities cannot be dismissed.

How long will it take for leaders of other countries to step forward with some form of actions of deterrence?



(The happenings in Ukraine are, indeed, atrocious.)


Re: The big plan, letter (about “Freedom Convoy” charges), April 4

Maybe the letter writer needs a lesson in democracy. Nobody, not even Mr. Freeze, is against a lawful, peaceful demonstration. What the “convoy” did was disrupt and hurt our city for weeks. Maybe the writer needs to take a trip to Ukraine to see why he should be thankful for living here.



(The trouble seems to be that the definitions of lawful and peaceful have varied depending on points of view.)

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