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The “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle group should be allowed to roll in the capital. There is nothing wrong with their presence passing by Parliament Hill. This site was supposedly built for the people, not for the Laurentian elites and much of the groveling media assigned to the federal swamp.

The group has already made its intentions known; it arrives Friday and will be gone on Sunday. Staying longer will then allow the police to take action. However, the street will be blocked off — law enforcement leaders now appear to be taking their marching orders from the PMO’s office.



(Perhaps police have learned from their past mistakes. The “Freedom Convoy” also said they would arrive Friday evening and leave on Sunday. Look how that turned out…)

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Oh, great, another convoy is making its way toward Ottawa again — motorcycles this time. Not to worry, though, since the convoy situation will again be managed by those stalwarts, Mayor Jim Watson and the Ottawa Police Service. What could possibly go wrong?



(See above.)


I’m just going to come out and say it. I have a thing about bikers. Gone. Not that anyone cares, but some might. Here are my three fondest biker memories. The time I was using the debit machine alongside a better version of Peter Fonda and saying, “If I call 911, I want you to show up.” My second was, years ago, I told my husband I was heading into Campbell’s Bay to buy groceries. Although I did buy something, the real reason I went to town was to see “Bikes in the Bay.” And, lastly, driving down Highway 148, when I saw bikers coming up, I stuck my hand out like they do to one another and, not to disappoint, so did many of the bikers.

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So, let us not all lose our minds because bikers are heading to Ottawa. Let’s wait, see and hear what happens.

Oh, one more thing. In case there’s a sing-a-long, let’s make sure to brush up on the lyrics to Born to Be Wild.



(Again, the wait-and-see approach did not prove successful in January.)


So the city has a plan for “Rolling Thunder.” My guess is it will not work. It would make sense to give the 1,000-plus, peace-loving bikers a designated route to follow. In not doing so, there will be chaos in the hundreds of streets near the downtown core excluding the immediate area near Parliament. About 1,000 bikes in a parade would be a sight to see, but 1,000 bikes in the downtown core going willy nilly up and down all streets that are not part of the blockade will be a disaster.

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When downtown Ottawa is in gridlock, don’t blame the bikers.

My understanding is that the area around Parliament Hill will be blocked to traffic every weekend as I am sure there will be some kind of protest or event planned. Many residents could possibly avoid going downtown to shop because of these street closures. I guess this is a good thing—NOT. Businesses will suffer due to this decision.

Bob Boyer


(No matter what plan the city communicates, if the group truly want to create chaos, they will find a way to do that.)


I thought Habs fans had more class than they showed last Saturday night during a game against the Ottawa Senators at the Canadian Tire Center. (I expect that from Leafs fans.) But let’s not forget that Montreal had the greatest diver and layer on the ice in Claude Lemieux, so right back at you, Brendan.



(In the end, the Sens had the last laugh with a tremendous 6-4 win.)

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