YOU SAID IT: Dictator, plain and simple

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Re: No need to create scandals for PM, column, April 1

dang it! No sooner do I agree with Warren Kinsella than he goes and writes this column. Sorry, Warren, but I totally disagree with you on this one. Justin Trudeau is a dictator, plain and simple. The Merriam Webster definition lists one part of that definition as “one ruling in an absolute and often oppressive way,” so that sure sounds like Trudeau to me.

He cares nothing about the rule of law or parliamentary law, and he doesn’t care about Canadians or Canada. He looks down on his Pinocchio nose on the people of this country like we are dirt under his feet and simply a means to an end. Anyone who disagrees with him is called vile names.

Trudeau says one thing and does another and thinks that his vision of Canada is the only one that counts. He’s destroying this country and Canadians financially, and he does n’t give a hoot because it’s his way of him or the highway.

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If it talks like a dictator and acts like a dictator, then it is a dictator.



(You might want to look up the rest of that dictionary definition.)


The amount of CO2 emitted annually by Canada is approximately 730 megatonnes. The generally accepted formula for conversion is: 1,000 gigatonnes of CO2 causes a temperature change of 1.75 degrees Celsius.

If zero emissions were to be obtained, Canada’s temperature would drop by 0.0012 degrees Celsius, which is almost too small to be measured. Confirmation of this was made in January 2020 by Chrystia Freeland, who, when responding to a question, replied, “Even if all Canadians ceased emitting carbon, we wouldn’t move the dial. A big part of our task needs to be leading the multilateral challenge.”

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It is quite clear, then, that our government is continuing to burden our industries with annually increasing “carbon taxes” whilst admitting that a reduction to zero of its emissions would not make any significant change to Canada’s temperature.



(It’s a good thing Canada inhabits its own planet and isn’t impacted by the activities of every other country, isn’t it?)


President Joe Biden is doing everything he can to reduce the impact of the war in Ukraine and the high cost of oil. He wants to try to minimize the effect of the same on the price of gasoline. And what does Justin Trudeau do? He increases the carbon tax April 1 and, of course, gets to add the HST to the same. This guy does not care about Canadians. He has one goal in mind and that is to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions even though we contribute less than two per cent to the world’s emissions. Makes him look good on the world stage. And there hasn’t been a decrease yet.

When you factor in the impact of the increased cost of fuel on goods and services, Canadians will pay a heavy price to pander to Justin’s ego. This is all beginning to hurt big time.



(That is an interesting perspective.)

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