YOU SAID IT: Can’t totally blame police

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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The recent massacre at the school in Uvalde, Tex., population 16,000, should not place total blame on lack of timing directly at the police force. Most towns of that size, as mine is, in North America do not contain the specialty personnel on site to confront such a devastating act.

The timing of an hour to arrive for those officers seems likely, taking into consideration the distance away and travel time to arrive on scene. The US has many precincts of various sizes in a county. The immediate availability of specialized tactical manpower is not able, at the snap of a finger, to be present. The skills and training necessary to take down a demented shooter were not readily available.

Upon arrival, the training kicked in to perform their due diligence in a timely fashion. I agree, too late to stop the previous carnage. I ask myself, “What can be done to change this?” The only answer I can give myself is, “I don’t know.”

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There are those who deal with this type of scenario frequently who may have answers. Empathy is too much of a lightweight word to use for all suffering from the after-effects.



(It is a tragedy from every point of view.)


Re: 33% of recent cannabis users say they got behind the wheel high: Poll, online edition, May 26

This statistic, coupled with the fact that, since Justin Trudeau legalized pot for more votes and a new revenue tool, we have many more cannabis users, should be a sobering thought for anyone driving on our highways. However, this fact should surprise nobody, as, when Colorado and Washington States legalized this drug, road deaths there escalated, as will be the case here.

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I recall when I did drug enforcement, pot users always told me that using cannabis made them more alert and, consequently, better drivers. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth, as using cannabis directly affects fine motor skills needed in operating vehicles, etc.

Other places that have legalized cannabis have also found more accidents when operating heaving equipment from users. Let’s hope our airline pilots are more sensitive when it comes to using cannabis than the drivers on our highways!



(Perish the thought.)


I’m sure I wasn’t the only one running for my mask right after Theresa Tam said we didn’t need to fear monkeypox because it isn’t going to be a widespread virus. I remember Tam saying in March 2020 that masks wouldn’t be effective because the coronavirus was droplets-driven and not an airborne virus.

Tam always reaches for the low bar, never starts off on the high bar and works her way down as more facts become known. How she holds onto her job is a mystery.



(Perhaps the toughest part of the job is gaining and retaining public trust.)

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