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Whatever you do, do not eat ground beef. Especially Alberta ground beef. Luckily, the federal government just found out it is toxic and unhealthy to consume ground beef. Is it too late to save the country?

Ground beef has been found to be so toxic that labels of being unhealthy need to be immediately placed on every package to protect consumers. Who knows how many deaths are the result of eating such a toxic product? We may never know.

I am sure through further investigation it will be proven beyond a doubt that Alberta beef is the source of the problem. All other beef will be considered healthy. Dirty oil and now toxic beef, it only stands to reason. No word, finding or hazard alerts on “poutine.” A popular deep-fried potato fry covered in cheese curds and swimming in gravy. This is as unhealthy as can be found, but somehow it escapes persecution. Go figure.

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Also, the timing of this finding/announcement is nothing short of questionable as “peak season” for barbecue is upon us. Oh sorry, I got caught up at the moment. I forgot to barbecue releases Co2 into the atmosphere. As Canadians, we just cannot get a break.



(We see what you did there.)


A recent letter by Dean Allison, MP Niagara West, has convinced me that, contrary to the comment the editor made (we’re not scared) about my letter to the editor (that asked why the media was afraid to acknowledge Leslyn Lewis and discuss her platform), the media is indeed scared, or, as I actually said, afraid. Allison said, “Leslyn doesn’t fit an easy media narrative. She doesn’t fit the profile of the kind of Conservative the left thinks can be easily dismissed. The Liberals have been running against Stephen Harper since 2015, and they keep running against him and his team in the exact same way seven years later. They have no idea how to handle a fresh voice in our movement like Leslyn.”

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Because of Mr. Allison’s observation, I believe the media is indeed afraid. If you firmly believe otherwise, as they said in the movie Jerry Maguire, show me the money.



(The latest Leger poll puts Lewis at three per cent of decided Tory voters. Just saying.)


Dolly Parton could give our PM a lesson on giving out our tax dollars. Bluesfest should come last for Justin Trudeau when he’s handing out almost $10 million. Our hospitals are suffering because of a lack of doctors and nurses, and here he is giving a venue (short-term) money when that money could be used for long-term use in health care.

Isn’t anyone angry about this? If you are, call your MP; people are getting help from them for passports. We need a strong leader, not someone who doesn’t care about what’s happening in Canada.

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Heather Thomas


(Point taken.)


Re: Mendicino appalling, letter, June 18

I agree unreservedly with Marcel Chartrand’s recent letter on the egregiously evasive and mendacious conduct of Minister Marco Mendicino. He should remember, however, as we must all, the forum is called Question Period and not “Answer Period” for a reason. Honest answers (in fact, any reasonable answer) imply an acceptance of responsibility and accountability, concepts totally foreign to most Liberal ministers.

We should also note the similarity between mendacious and Mendicino. Coincidence or synonymity?



(potato, potato?)

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