“You are going to swallow Moors” and “you are fascists”: all against Vox (also the PP) in the Ceuta Assembly

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Tension returns to the Ceuta Assembly after a very tough verbal confrontation between Vox, PP and Movement for Dignity and Citizenship (MDyC), which has led to the suspension of the plenary session for a few minutes. This is the second big fight between PP and Vox in less than four months.

The four Vox deputies have left the plenary session after the president of the City, Juan Vivas (PP), has spoiled their “demagoguery” and has urged them to “take off the mask” and openly say that “they do not consider Spaniards to Ceuti Muslims “.

Vivas has not granted them a turn to speak for allusions, a power that the Regulation attributes exclusively to him, so the Vox parliamentarians have been calling him a “dictator.”

Eagerness “Moroccan”

It all started when the spokesperson for Vox, Carlos Verdejo, took advantage of a proposal on the convenience of introducing fiscal measures that contribute to lower the prices of housing rentals in the city presented by the localistas of Caballas to impute to the rest of the Chamber a eagerness to “leather goods”.

It has been here when Vivas has taken the word “by allusions” to reproach Vox for his behavior “against the interests of Ceuta and Spain” during the border crisis in May and throughout the last four months.

“When the unity of the Ceuta was most necessary, you wanted to remain the only ones empowered to decide who is Spanish and who is not: take off your face and say that you do not consider the Muslims of Ceuta to be Spanish, thus doing the greatest damage I have ever known to this city, “ ugly his “demagogy” to the second group of the opposition in the Assembly.

Verdejo has then demanded a new turn to speak “due to allusions” that the president of the Governing Board has not granted, to which the president of Vox, Juan Sergio Redondo, has responded by calling him a “dictator” and a “use the institution for 20 years for their own benefit.”

Then, both have left the plenary session with their other two colleagues, Francisco Javier Ruiz and Ana Belén Cifuentes. “Close on your way out”, the MDyC spokeswoman, Fatima Hamed, invited “these four fascists” to continue the debate.

“You’re going to swallow moros”

Vox has also had a scuffle with MDyC, which asked that the Vox deputies be expelled from the room, to which the Ceutí president requested a 20-minute recess.

“You are going to swallow Moors and I am more Spanish than you”, The deputy of the MDyC, Fátima Hamed, has affirmed, referring to the attitude of the four deputies of Vox

Fatima Hamed has lamented the “attack of hysteria of the four fascists -he said-, with which we feel ashamed of others “.

“National shame”

In the resumption of the plenary session, the deputy of the PSOE, Sumaya Ahmed, has criticized that Ceuta is “national shame” due to the situation that occurs in the plenary sessions of the Assembly. “I am being very correct but my character precedes me,” she added.

For its part, the PP, through its deputy Carlos Rontomé, made it clear that his party was not going to vote in favor or debate any proposal that Vox presented in the plenary sessions “because they only seek to destroy the normal development of this institution by accusing us – he has said – of pro-Moroccans and gangsters “.


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