These days the lords of Spotify They have reminded me that 10 years ago we started a musical (and contractual) relationship. Whether with them or with Deezer, Pandora and other digital platforms, many of us have become accustomed to listening to music in a different way. We nostalgic continue to long for the thrill of rummaging for records in a store and sometimes we buy an LP so as not to lose the habit, but there is a generation that no longer knows what an compact disc, and minus one of vinyl. Over the years of practice, we have understood the damaging influence of the digital format, with problems such as the economic mistreatment of non-mass musicians, the difficulty – if one does not have information channels – of discovering a new group by surprise, or the arbitrariness of algorithms to predict our tastes.

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But at the same time we must not underestimate the virtues of the environment. I think ‘playlist’ has never been chosen as word of the year; and in fact, in theory, we should call it a “playlist”, but it is one of the resources that has changed music hearing the most. As happened 30 years ago with cassette tapes, we select the songs and make a list following a very thought-out order, we give it a title and then maybe we share it. They are created like this moods and atmospheres, romantic or festive innuendo, narcissistic portraits …

For some time now, the playlist game has lived one more step in its evolution, especially in Youtube. Playlists for a birthday party, a car trip in France or a romantic dinner on the terrace have become more sophisticated, and now they are looking for the listener to be the protagonist. Called roleplay lists – role-playing games – and have titles such as “Second meeting with the director and sexual tension grows & rdquor ;,” You are a murderer but you like you & rdquor ;, “You are a romantic and you live in the 19th century & rdquor ;, or” We are in 1945 and you meet again with your lover & rdquor; … It is as if with the chosen music they were creating the soundtrack of a movie that you should imagine, and often they are a good alternative to the bland and silly lyrics that dominate today’s pop.

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