Yolanda Díaz: Pedro Sánchez wants and fears, by Gemma Ubasart

Pedro Sánchez began the week evaluating the PSOE congress held in Valencia in the media. A peaceful appointment for the president, after years of strong internal disputes, in which he claimed a social democratic turn in Spain and Europe. When asked by Yolanda Díaz, He put evidence on the table: the space to his left cannot be divided in the next general elections if the progressive forces want to continue to command the country. From a rational perspective He understood that he could not harm Diaz politically speaking, Without it there is no possible construction of a plural and broad space of the transforming left in the State.

Now, as the week has progressed it seems that, despite the Cartesian arguments, the latest CIS weighs like a slab for Sánchez and the PSOE. This barometer indicates that today Díaz is the second most desired presidential candidate for the citizenship of the State (ahead of the head of the opposition, Pablo Casado). Moreover, the Labor Minister is preferred by the electorate of Podemos and confluencias, but also by the BNG, Més-Compromís, Teruel Existe, EHBildu, Más País, ERC and JxCat (in this order). With not inconsiderable acceptance rates by the PRC and PSOE voter. 16.1% of those who voted for Sánchez in the previous contest would want Díaz as president.

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From my point of view, this week’s movements within the coalition government are not free. The fact of wanting to impose Nadia Calviño in the task of repealing the labor reform, when it is Diaz’s negotiated and is an issue that has been working for months in the framework of negotiations with unions and employers. OR the seguidism of Meritxell Batet to Manuel Marchena on the case of the Alberto Rodríguez report (at least, and according to the contributions of the chamber’s lawyers and renowned jurists, there was a significant margin of interpretation that made it possible not to have to make a decision so quickly).

Pedro Sánchez wants and fears. The moment is delicate and, if he wants to continue ruling beyond 2023, it would not be advisable to enter with all the cavalry against his left flank.


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