Yolanda Díaz and the bluff, by Emma Riverola

The top rated leader according to the CIS. The favorite like presidential after Pedro Sánchez. His interventions in Congress, with a sharp verb and soft forms, have often become the perfect product to go viral on the networks. Even his styling, elegant, has assaulted pages in fashion magazines. Yolanda Diaz generates expectations, provokes respect and is emerging as an electoral candidate to be taken very seriously. Or did it generate, provoke and shape itself? It is enough to take a look at the media and look at social networks to see that something is changing. Both in the openly adverse political fields and in the supposedly allies.

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Dangerous, arrogant, princess, impostor, bluff & mldr; Propaganda Machines have already been launched. Exercise is fascinating. Where before style and forcefulness were perceived, now it is drawn haughtiness. Where elegance was appreciated, petulance is now denounced. The operation is clear: delegitimize Díaz. And with what enthusiasm and haste adherents to the cause of the sinking! It remains to be seen if friendly fire will be able to measure the load and not end up wiping out its own expectations.


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