The least that can be said, four days after the Andalusian electoral Sunday, is that Juanma Moreno has not subtracted, he has been able to add and even multiply, overflowing the most optimistic calculations. Left-wing voters have supported him to stop Vox, he has not scared his own, and surely there will be in his bulky absolute majority some other ultra that has preferred him to Macarena Olona, the candidate with godparents but without a padrón. The left-wing parties have made abstention their own, harshly criticizing those who preferred to go to the beach rather than participate in the party of democracy. A child diagnosis worthy of the times. Lately we go to the nearby beaches to save gasoline, because it is a refreshing and cheap leisure; that is also an element that must be taken into account in the post-election analysis. Another factor would be the heat wave without putting on the air conditioning to save electricity, until you sweat the desire to trust again those who did not take the trouble to present a joint progressive candidacy in a timely manner. And the inflation: it is possible that with the diminishing saving capacity the captive vote will be released. Pedro Sánchez, it is clear, has not added and his head of the list Juan Espadas has penalized because that is what he was appointed for, so as not to cast a shadow. The Moncloa tenant has promised to “go back out on the street”, an intention that reveals that he has been sitting comfortably next to the fan for some time, listening to those who tell him that the series of catastrophic misfortunes that plague us are to blame, and that this will happen. His only reason for his optimism, observing Feijóo so grown to the right, must be realizing that his rival to the left does not have a better outlook. The sum of Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía has lost 10 seats, and Yolanda Díaz’s week is getting worse.

The hostess of the Vice President of the Government when a few months ago anticipatedor your personal adventure at the ‘Other Policies’ meeting it was Mònica Oltra. In the foundational photo, the leader of Compromís, Ada Colau, Mónica García from Más Madrid, Ceuta Fátima Hamed and a Díaz who predicted that “the street is looking for something different” embraced. A very powerful image of female empowermentalliances and an alternative even to the new post-bipartisan formations burned in a complicated legislature, to which the Podemos ministers were not invited. After his indictment a week ago for the alleged cover-up of the case of abuse of a minor under guardianship, for which her ex-husband was sentenced to five years in prison, Oltra threw herself down the middle street and danced at her party’s party, refusing to resign as vice president From Valencia. She has had no choice but to do so, to comply with the code of ethics that the leftist parties impose on their ranks and demand from the right. She is released to participate in the judicial investigation of a particularly serious matter for a feminist, in charge of her department of child protection. Her departure “with her face held high and her teeth clenched” leaves Yolanda Díaz a little more alone in creating the platform with which she wants to be a candidate to preside over the Government. Valencia witnessed “the beginning of something wonderful”, how can you imagine that the road would be so bumpy.

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