Yggdrasil Gaming announces new game, Wild One

When it comes to online casino giants, Yggdrasil Gaming is definitely one of the more well-known companies. If you’re familiar with online games such as Eye of Persia 2 and Mega Pearl, you can thank Yggdrasil Gaming for these masterpieces. 

You’ll also be glad to learn that these online gambling giants have announced a new game — Wild One. With improved interface and AI, Wild One will improve your online casino experience by miles — and you can find it in many a Canada Casino!

We’ll present the newest details about the game, along with a brief overview of Yggdrasil Gaming’s work in the industry. 

What is Wild One like?

The game’s atmosphere is that of a dystopian novel, with bleak colors and strange drawings decorating the game’s UI. There’s not much to the aesthetics of the game other than that. 

As far as the functional side goes, Wild One is a slot game with a 6×4 grid. It offers 4096 paylines and cascading wins. They’ve also decided to include a top grid showcasing all the wilds that will appear below. 

To activate the wilds, the player must progress through the game. After this, you can unlock Unbreakable, Expanding, and Multiplier Wilds. There are a few particularities to each of the wilds in the game. 

The Unbreakable Wilds, for example, remain on the reels even when they participate in wins. The Expanding Wilds cover the entire reels. Finally, the Multiplier Wilds have a winning combination which can result in a win with up to 10x multipliers. 

Another fun feature is Scatter Blast. When Scatter Blast is active, it eliminates all the symbols in a 3×3 square around the scatter. After this, you will enter an additional cascade for a chance to advance to the bonus round. There is also a way to grab at 3 free spins using the Scatter Blast!

With all these exciting revelations, we’re sure Wild One will be a hit in the iGaming industry. 

The company behind the game

As mentioned before, Yggdrasil Gaming has been one of the biggest names in the industry for the past 9 years since their founding. Their efforts have not proven fruitless, either, as they earned the title of RNG Casino Provider of the Year

Of course, this is just one of the many victories Yggdrasil Gaming has taken home with them. It’s no wonder considering their work delivers every promise they make. 

How to play Wild One

While the game is not out yet, there is an abundance of online casinos already lining up to obtain the license for this software on their website. 

Reading casino reviews is generally a good idea as it will let you know what kinds of games the casino offers. You’ll be looking for online casinos that offer slots. 

Of course, Wild One will be pretty hard to miss on any online casino website considering the excitement surrounding the game. We could even expect to see it on the front pages and new arrivals section of every website. 

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