‘Yankees’ unstoppable bash brothers’: what the media is saying about the Blue Jays-Yankees game

The Toronto Blue Jays lost the first game of the series against the New York Yankees, losing 7-2. The loss, combined with the Boston Red Sox’s loss to the lowly Baltimore Orioles, leaves the Blue Jays one game away from the Red Sox.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Mariners beat the Oakland Athletics to get ahead of the Blue Jays and half a game out of the second wild-card spot.

The Jays-Yanks continue the series tonight at 7:07 pm on Sportsnet.

Here’s a sample of what the media is saying about last night’s game:

The New York Post says the Yankees are easing the job of their remaining schedule after just one game.

“The Yankees are making their tough schedule down the stretch look like child’s play.”

Mike Vaccaro, Post columnist, writes that Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton is the current MVP of the end-of-season chase. While he knows voters will select Angels prodigy Shohei Ohtani (with Jays superstar Vladimir Guerrero Jr. not far behind), he sees Stanton’s recent run as valuable in helping the Yankees rise to the top.

“He doesn’t have enough season left to do an epic chase around the corner. The majority of MVP voters made a decision in July after falling deeply in love with Shohei Ohtani. Some have changed their affinity for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. It is probably too late for Giancarlo Stanton to win the AL Most Valuable Player plaque.

But it’s hard to believe there is someone more valuable than him in all of sport right now. It’s hard to believe there’s a hitter in any of the leagues that a pitcher wouldn’t want to face, now that each game has added meaning. He is so furious. Not only is it difficult to get out at the moment, it is almost impossible to keep him in the stadium.

Pete Caldera from USA Today go the Yankees bullpen so superior to the Blue Jays as the main reason for the loss.

The Blue Jays played the more capable Yankees at the Rogers Center on Tuesday.

“Halfway through the innings of a critical first game of the three-game series, Tuesday had turned into a battle of bullpens, giving the New York Yankees a distinct lead over the Toronto Blue Jays.”

Looks like Aaron Judge and Stanton got a nickname, courtesy of SI.com writer Max Goodman, during your current streak.

“The Yankees bash brothers have been unstoppable down the stretch. Tuesday night in Toronto was no exception. “

Keegan Matheson of MLB.com writes remaining games for the Blue Jays as “must win.” Says time is running out for bluebirds.

“Time is ticking, and at this point in September, those tics come a little faster. This is an initial taste of how the Blue Jays would feel in the playoffs, and the margins only get narrower from here. “

Larry Stone, Seattle Times columnist questions whether to cheer on the Blue Jays or the Bronx Bombers to help the Mariners break their longest 19-year streak in MLB.

“They are, surprisingly, just four wins away from that 14-2 result, with four to play (unless a 163rd game is required). To repeat the motto of 1995, they simply refuse to lose. And so they still have a chance to fight, with maybe the room for maneuver for one more loss.

Or maybe not. They could win and still fall short, because they are still dealing with three teams. Permutations and combinations will give you a migraine headache, but it’s the good kind of headache, if possible. Just trying to figure out who the Mariners should support in the current Blue Jays-Yankees series requires the involvement of a Harvard probability professor.

Sports Illustrated’s Ethan Diamandas reflected on what the Jays have been through this season.

“Time is running out.

After 156 games filled with early-season bullpen crashes and heartbreaking losses, and then electrifying performances when it mattered most, it seems fitting to see the Blue Jays’ 2021 season come to a close.

Randy Miller from NJ.com, believe the Yankees are good enough to stay until the end of October.

“Was all this bad luck or some good fortune averted for a Yankees baseball club that has always had enough talent and experience in its DNA to make something of it this season?

Whatever it is, the Yankees again look like giants with a chance to be the last man on top of the beans in late October. That’s way ahead, but seven wins in a row have them on the brink of coming in with great momentum. “

Julia Kreuz from Yahoo Sports He says the Yankees’ seasoned team can take them to the finish line on the Blue Jays.

“A young team, hungry to prove themselves, entered the field at the Rogers Center two games behind a wild-card spot with the opportunity to make up for it against a direct rival in the Yankees. But it was the cold-blooded discipline of New York that prevailed in the end. “


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