Yangel Herrera elevates Espanyol to a superior Real Sociedad

  • The Venezuelan midfielder makes his debut as a Blue and White scorer and resolves a clash with clear Basque dominance

  • Mateu Lahoz annulled a goal to Isak after deflecting the ball himself and letting the play continue until he saw its outcome

The Spanish has achieved this Sunday a meritorious victory against Real Sociedad. A goal by Yangel Herrera midway through the second half, he gave the three points to Vicente Moreno’s team, who beat Remiro when he was having the worst of it in the game and after Isak saw how a goal was disallowed after a nonsense by Mateu Lahoz.

As in the derby at the Camp Nou, Espanyol seemed to go out to see them come against a team that was assumed to be superior. The first half hour was a ‘txuri urdin’ monologue, but the forty-year-old Diego López put the lock on his goal, especially in a whiplash from Le Normand from the front when he rejected a warmly defended corner (m. 27).

But when Real, who saw a 17-game unbeaten streak cut short against Monaco on Thursday, slowed down, Espanyol saw the moment to hurt. Pedrosa’s incursions woke up the Blue and Whites, who were able to score twice through Puado. First, the youth squad slipped away from two defenders on the baseline and gained the angle necessary to test Remiro’s reflexes with a left foot (m. 33). He was even closer with a toe shot to the post after dodging Zubimendi and solving surrounded by four defenders from the front (m. 39).

Januzaj match

He did not succeed in that arreón and the Real took the reins of the game definitively after the break. Januzaj, who switched sides to play with a different leg, was a constant danger on the right. A shot from the Belgian walked through the small area without anyone being able to push him and a center shot from him went to the crossbar. The goal seemed a matter of minutes, and came in a bizarre way. A pass from Guevera in the front of the perica area was diverted by Mateu Lahoz. The ball ended up at the feet of Januzaj and gave way to the newly incorporated Isak, whose ankle discomfort did not prevent him from defining against Diego López (m. 65). But Mateu, who had indicated that the game should continue after his touch, changed his mind when he saw that the action ended in a goal, he canceled the play to the joy of the RCDE Stadium and the anger of the Basque players.

The decision left Real, which was surprised by a counterattack from Raúl de Tomás on the left. The ‘top scorer’ parrot kicked and his shot was deflected by Remiro, but Yangel Herrera came like a shell from behind to finish off furiously at the back of the net, just what is expected of a striker like him, who made his debut as a scorer with the perica t-shirt.

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Until the end he had to suffer, something that Wu Lei could have prevented. RDT left the Chinese striker alone before Remiro, but the ball went too far ahead and the goalkeeper took him before he could shoot. The blue and white had to drain water, and they celebrated as if it were a goal a ball that Sergi Gómez took off Oyarzabal’s feet in the small area when he was about to finish off a great pass from Januzaj. La Real had not lost since the first match, at the Camp Nou, and their second visit of the year to Barcelona was once again fateful.

Espanyol, 1 – Real Sociedad, 0

Spanish: Diego López ;, Aleix Vidal, Sergi Gómez, Cabrera, Pedrosa; Yangel, Keidi Bare; Embarba, Darder, Puado; From Thomas. Coach: Vicente Moreno. Changes Melamed by Embarba (d. 58), Morlanes by Bare (d. 58); Miguelón by Aleix Vidal (d. 78); Wu Lei by Puado (d. 78); Loren by De Tomás (d. 90).

Real society: Remiro; Gorosabel, Zubeldia, Le Normand, Diego Rico; Guevara, Zubimendi; Portu, Oyarzabal, Januzaj; Sorloth. Coach: Imanol Alguacil. Changes: Barrenetxea for Portu (m. 60); Isak by Sorloth (d. 60); by Robert Navarro by Guevara (d. 81).


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