Yaiza, ‘curvy’ model: “No one should feel less for not having a 38”

When in 2016 the ‘top’ American Ashley Graham broke the internet by appearing on the cover of ‘Sport Illustrated’ with his imposing physical ‘non-normative’ something also broke in the fashion industry, which in those 2000 did not move from the ‘heroin chic’ or from the needle silhouettes imposed by parades like those of Victoria’s Secret. But for the street, beauty no longer had to be squalid. They started talking about inclusion and diversity, and a new generation of ‘tops’ took over magazines and campaigns. The ‘body positive’, the pride of real bodies, was penetrating to the marrow, and even Chanel, Fendi or Versace uploaded models ‘between’ -of “medium size” – to their fashion shows, such as the Dutch Jill Kortleve, usual face in Zara, H&M o Mango, referents of the ‘low cost’, which also they have enlarged their sizes and, of course, its audience.

The ‘curvy’ models have become fashionable in a few years, and sometimes with controversy. Like when the Sevillian Lorraine Duran, with its 1.75 meters and 55 kilos, was classified as “curvy woman” [o ‘curvy’] for a Victoria’s Secret campaign in 2020. Today she is one of the most famous international ‘tops’, thanks to her campaigns with Oysho or Stradivarius but also to her covers in ‘Vogue’, ‘Vanity Fair’ or ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, and It is also one of the models in the portfolio of Miah Management, the agency that represents “all kinds of silhouettes” and that since 2016 [el año del advenimiento ‘curvy’] organize the runway Curvy Fashion Model. In this edition, which is held this Thursday in the Valkiria Hub Space from Barcelona, ​​participate 14 models from all over Spain, half Andalusian.

International Scouts

During the rehearsals prior to the evening gala, sponsored by Ivonne Armant, Plácido Domingo’s ‘rebellious’ granddaughter, it was all laughs (nervous). The girls have been preparing for a year for the parade attended by scouts from international agencies such as I Models NY, Beautifull Model Milan O InBetween Models Amsterdam, among other. Because it is outside of Spain where 90% of the ‘curvy’ cod is cut, and where the girls who are starting now hope to succeed.

Almost all of them have finished a degree, are in it or work while applying in ‘curvy’ modeling. They came to this catwalk last year, in the midst of the pandemic. So the ‘castings’ were ‘online’. They saw the post on Instagram and signed up. Requirements? “Have a height, from 1.72 meters, to have one size from 40 to 48, but real, not an Inditex 38 [por encima ya sería ‘plus size’], more than 95 centimeters hip and above all have curves & rdquor ;, explains the malagueña Yaiza Gutierrez, 24, who dreams of being “noticed internationally” in her.

For this they have also trained with several ‘webinars’ with specialists in beauty and ‘castings’ and fashion shows. “They explained to us how we had to do a natural makeup, how to put the lights to record ourselves, the clothes to choose & mldr;”, he says Ana coke, 25-year-old from Seville, who believes that events like this one, in which important brands in the sector are also present, “give visibility to the body of the real woman; without ties and without complexes; with total naturalness “.

“Now is our time”

And some, like the youngest of the group, the Logroño Lucia Herrero, 18, has already signed two contracts, also as a ‘curly girl’, for the Cocunat hairdressing firm and for the Calzedonia lingerie firm. And it is that, affirms, “now it is not so strange to get into an ‘online’ store and see ‘curvy’ models; now is our moment,” she says excitedly.

There is a quorum in which, although there is some chico ‘curvy’, “should be seen even more such models to normalize the situation.” That is why the contest will expand its call to men in future editions.

Instagram was a great engine for the movement, an accelerant that smoothed out the old stereotypes that the industry clung to at the beginning of the century, with the unreal bodies of women turned into angels of impossible measures.

“Before, the clothes for ‘curvy’ girls were for older women, and the most that was in a store was an L or XL,” complains Yaiza, who admits that now it is not like that because “girls have been empowered for what no one feels less for not having a 38“.” This gives visibility to bodies that you see every day on the street, “he says. Blacksmith.

Another advantage of driving this movement, according to Milu Birth, 27 years old and from Malaga, is that “it will help the thinking of many girls, so that they do not feel bad and that there are no dietary problems that exist because of some stereotypes“. She began to walk at the age of 16, but there came a time when she did not fit in,” there was no ‘curvy’ movement, there was nothing, and I quit. ” brands look for curvy girls She has re-engaged and combines it with her profession as a make-up artist.

Sport and diet

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“The sport and diet are essential“For these young women, as Herrero says, because they have to have healthy bodies.” We do not follow a strict diet, if one day you want to eat a hamburger, then you eat it, but we do have a varied and balanced diet, without depriving ourselves “, Gutiérrez explains. “But it is true that we are models and we must be in shape and do physical exercise Nascimento underlines. Nor can we trust ourselves and say ‘come on, as we are’ curvy ‘, we let ourselves. Although we are all pretty and we have our essence. “

In addition, Herrero concludes: “There may be something that feels better to someone with a size 34 and something else that feels better to someone older.”


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