@xiquetamontgat: TikTok’s viral waitress

  • Even the influencers parody it. His videos have had more than 21 million views in the last 7 days

  • This waitress from Montgat has gone viral serving cocktail networks of the 80s capable of making Rajoy sing in the Kitchen commission

“Torombolo”. It’s the new buzzword in TikTok. This was called a 80s cocktail that teens now replicate en masse in plan meme. It was resurrected in a highball glass by a thirty-something waitress from Montgat. He drank it “Juan, el Torombolo –related on the networks-, that’s what they called a client of my grandparents’ bar & rdquor ;. He is already an eminence of the parodies. It was to be expected that the video would hit hard: it has vodka as if to smooth out all the rough edges of Casado and Calviño at once.


The ‘Torombolo’, a cocktail from the 80s / ##cocktail ## 80’s ##bar ##storytelling ##did you know

♬ original sound – Esther Martínez

@xiquetamontgat, is called in networks. It has gone viral serving eighties cocktails capable of knocking Pocholo down in one sip. “I drink that – point out the thousands of comments at the foot of the glass – and I go home speaking Russian & rdquor ;. You would say that with a glass he would sing until Rajoy in the Kitchen commission.

Accumulate 5.7 million ‘likes’ only on TikTok. More of 21 million views in the last 7 days. They already send him gifts, he is contacted by brands, he has hordes of imitators. There are those who have made a pilgrimage to his Montgat bar just to take a picture with her. “It’s like panic & rdquor ;, laughs Esther. “I don’t believe it & rdquor ;.

Esther Martinez, that’s his real name. He is 39 years old and has a sense of humor at the level of the alcohol in their glasses. “Yes, that’s why I’m here. If not, I couldn’t. ”He huffs. Now I don’t have so much hater, but when I started with TikTok it was horrible & rdquor ;.

Gives express trust. After seeing her pour so many loaded glasses, meeting her in person makes you want to say with alcoholic devotion “edesh mih mejrod armigahz & rdquor ;. You will end up hugging her with intensity at night of drinks after trying Juan’s Torombolo. It’s not bad, no, but what a disappointment: not even drinking the entire glass you go home speaking Russian.


Manuel had a “Cristal & rdquor; / ## crystal cocktail ##cocktail ##vodka ##licor43 ## combined ## 80’s ##storytelling ##did you know

♬ original sound – Esther Martínez

First unavoidable question: do you make enough money to fund all the alcohol you spill on videos? “Surely not,” she laughs. He’s actually a coffee specialist. Take an average of 5 a day. Is the fourth generation of hoteliers of the family. His great-grandfather was already behind a bar almost 100 years ago. Now they carry The square from Montgat her and her mother. At bar familiar They still have a machine to remove the pits from the olives and fill them with anchovies by hand.

A little over a year ago you opened the account for TikTok. Some clients of the bar call them “las xiquetas & rdquor ;. And so it stayed on the networks: @xiquetamontgat. The second video he posted had 10,000 views all at once. Then he talked about cooking, he continued with curiosities about coffee. “When I hit 10,000 followers, I thought, ‘Get serious’ & rdquor ;. From 10,000 is when they start paying on TikTok. He started doing a live show and publishing 3 videos a day.

And it occurred to him to pull the bar story. The combined 80s: Mixes in a highball glass with which to hallucinate pickles as was done before. Resurrected the torombolo (vodka with pineapple juice), the lumumba (brandy and chocolate shake), the cristal (vodka with Licor 43), the screwdriver (vodka with orange), the orgasm (peach and lemon liqueur). Effective: “They are cocktails from the 80s – summarizes a comment from the networks – from the 80 days of hangover that leave you & rdquor ;. Esther shrugs her shoulders: “In the 80s they carried glasses,” justifies her wide sleeve. His intention, he assures, is not to promote these XXL bars. “That’s why I don’t drink them,” he adds. “I do it for information purposes.” There are already combined ‘tiktokeros’ with 2.9 million views.


A “Spain & rdquor; , a cocktail that the girls started with / ##cocktail ## 80’s ##storytelling

♬ original sound – Esther Martínez

“The first video that was shot was the Green Cow –Remember Esther-. A client came to eat on a Sunday and after the cut he asked me for a glass of mint with ice. I take it to him and when I’m at the bar again: ‘Excuse me, baby, can you get me another glass of ice milk?’ And I see that Uncle & rdquor; mix it. And so he told it on TikTok.


A “green cow & rdquor; , a combination that went down in history / ## combined ##cocktail ## alcoholic drink ##history ##storytime ##did you know

♬ original sound – Esther Martínez

Esther spreads the videos with jokes of his grandparents, his uncle, his mother. “Almost everything & rdquor; –He says- it is based on real events. The followers already ask him with fan eagerness where are the characters he talks about: Juan, the Torombolo; Mercedes, that of the lumumba; Manuel, the one with the Crystal.


Where are Juan, Mercedes and Manuel? ## torombolo ## lumumba ##cristal ##cocktail ##vodka ##licor43 ##brandy ##cognac ##70’s ## 80’s ##storytelling ##did you know

♬ original sound – Esther Martínez

The parody influencers, like Juanmasaurus. “10 days ago I didn’t even have 80,000 followers on TikTok & rdquor ;. Last week it jumped to 100,000. It already exceeds 190,000, plus 24,000 of Instagram. There has been a long time peregrinaje tiktokero to his bar in Montgat. “Every day someone falls & rdquor ;, points out Esther. Her teenage daughter’s friends want to meet her. “There are clients who come here and say: ‘My son was amazed when I told him I know you’ & rdquor ;.


pf is that I piss with that lady I swear

♬ original sound – Juanmasaurus

They already recognize her when they go to dinner in Barcelona. “Are the TikTok girl! & rdquor ;. The first time it turned red. “I am a normal person,” he shrugs. A waitress who makes coffee & rdquor ;. She has even been robbed at a chocolate shop. “A waiter told me he was a super fan of mine. It was about you -he laughs-, that’s what killed me & rdquor ;.

“I’m amazed,” she insists. “I did not expect this at all & rdquor ;. And now that? “I don’t know,” he replies. It’s a totally unknown world to me & rdquor ;. She would like to dedicate herself “to communicating & rdquor ;, she confesses. Apart from being a hostess, Esther is journalist. “I have found a way to communicate through a channel that I did not expect & rdquor ;.

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Ironías de TikTok, the bar where he records his ethyl videos mainly serves coffee and breakfast. It closes at five in the afternoon. But at this viral stage, Esther is considering serve the vintage glasses that he discovers in the networks. “Yes, of course,” he agrees, “something will have to be done & rdquor ;.”

What do you do with the cocktails you make? It’s the question she’s bombarded with on TikTok. He doesn’t usually test them. He throws them directly down the drain, he revealed this week on the networks. “So the fish in the river – his followers now conclude – drink and drink and drink again because of him & rdquor ;.


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