Xavi’s cruyffista flower

Impacted on the body of Ter Stegen a point-blank shot from Benfica. And then the linesman gave a raised pennant in the launch of a corner that ended in a goal. We tied up the chances Espanyol missed on Saturday and concluded that Xavi, perhaps, has inherited from Cruyff, not only the game manual, but also the blessed flower, cornerstone in the success of the memorable revolution of the Prophet, as is well known.

Without the flower it is much more difficult to sail at full sail through the stormy waters of football. Let us not devalue it. Work, method, quality, yes, everything is fundamental, but without luck the trip is shortened. It is more than proven, no matter how much ‘big data’ tries to scratch the weight of the vagaries of chance.

Xavi Qatar seemed to bring luck in the pocket of his tight pants, and it was enough to save itself from a defeat that could well materialize in the last minute, but its influence did not give to reproduce a Kaiserlautern or a Stamford Bridge despite the team playing a throbbing party. Without a goal, there are no miracles, and this Barça is as soft as a half-baked cake.

The worst square

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The fact of scoring two goals in five games in the Champions League is such a scary fact that it encourages very little in the face of the decisive event in Munich, where victory is practically obligatory. It should be noted that the team, unlike the last games, did not collapse in the second half. And the more than stimulating appearance of Dembele, on whom the game was brazenly overturned. He was so forced that a new medical report is to be feared one of these days. He provided the desired resources of overflow, explosiveness and emotion, and once again left in the air that question of how far this player could go if he had a musculature with a certain resistance.

Munich seems like the worst possible place to play the European skin. The fans can cheer up with the fact that Bayern, the Barcelona bogeyman, already have the task complete and that Xavi He will have 15 more days to continue molding the clay on his construction site. But after those 15 days he will continue without a scorer, except for a prodigious recovery of Ansu Fati. Perhaps the cruyffista flower of Xavi it is yet to open in all its splendor.


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