Xavier Sardà’s response to Kiko Hernández’s harsh attacks

In early March, Kiko Hernandez granted an interview in which he reviewed his 25-year career on television. The current collaborator ‘Save me’ went back to his stage in the mythical ‘Martian Chronicles’, successful and controversial late night of Telecinco of which he does not have good memories. “I don’t regret doing ‘Chronicles,’ but I do regret some wild clashes,” he said.

Hernández not only stayed there, but also attacked the presenter of the format, Xavier Sarda. “I would not work with him again. He is a person who handles himself in the conflict, he is comfortable while skinning others,” said the commentator.

A posture that has caused surprise within the very program in which he works every afternoon. Yesterday, ‘Sálvame’ collected Kiko’s statements in a video that raised the following questions: “Have you suffered an attack of amnesia? Don’t you remember that he was precisely one of the collaborators who most sought and provoked that conflict?” .

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But also, Kiko was able to hear the answer that Sardà gave when the press asked him about this matter. Far from entering the rag, the journalist refused to fuel any kind of controversy with his former program partner: “He has every right. He has to exercise his freedom of expression, it would be lacking more”.

A reaction that was applauded by Jorge Javier Vázquez: “Sardà’s response has been impeccable.” “Totally,” Kiko acknowledged before her namesake, Kiko Matamoros, showed a totally different opinion about the presenter: “For me it was a privilege to work with him. I learned a lot in a short time and they never forced me to do anything, I had absolute freedom”.

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