Xavier Novell, ex-bishop of Solsona, marries his girlfriend Sílvia Caballol in Súria

  • The couple got married this Monday afternoon in the justice of the peace in the Barcelona town

Xavier Novell, bishop emeritus of Solsona, and the writerto Sílvia Caballol, they are already husband and wife. The couple got married this Monday at 6.15pm at the Súria justice of the peace (Bages, Barcelona). The link was held in family privacy and only with the presence of witnesses, who were Caballol’s mother and her partner.

At the exit of the justice of the peace, a team from the TV3 program of ‘Planta Baja’ was waiting for them, a program that has announced via Twitter the link and the dissemination of the recorded images, starting this Tuesday, at 11 in the morning.

Last Friday, the couple asked the justice of the peace that the wedding could be formalized this Monday, outside of normal hours, and it was done when the bishop has left his work in Semen Cardona.

The civil ceremony was the only possibility that Novel had to marry, since the religious route is closed as long as he cannot get the layoff of the ecclesiastical offices, which the Vatican has to grant him. Caballol, for his part, is separated and has two children fruit of a previous relationship.

The couple has left the peace court smiling, he dressed in a black coat and she, in a beige jacket and an orange sweater. This Monday was the first appearance before the media after speculation that she could be pregnant.

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The former and his partner are 14 years apart. Novel, who at the age of 41 became the youngest bishop in Spain in 2010, is now 52 years old, while Caballol was born in 1983 in Súria.

Caballol has a degree in psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), a university where she has also done a postgraduate degree in Health Psychology. In addition, he has made inroads into the literary world and has written, among others, erotic and satanic novels. They are ‘Amnèsia Trilogy’ and ‘The Hell in Gabriel’s Lust’.


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