The game ended with Villarreal (0-2) amidst the whistles of the few thousand spectators remaining at the Camp Nou, witnessing yet another defeat for Barça. A football defeat and, above all, a mental defeat because he had no point of rebellion to say goodbye, at least, with dignity.

Another frustrating night ended, with Dembele in the field, but as if it were not. And after the defeat was over, the match over, he appeared Luuk de Jong to say goodbye to the fans being acclaimed, while touching the shield listening to how his name was chanted.

Xavi I was angry. His Barça has inexplicably fallen in the last two months, burying all the positive messages that he had transferred with that 0-4 at the Bernabéu.

“We have saved a disastrous season, which could be catastrophic. We have to reinforce ourselves very well because if we don’t we can’t compete in any way. Now the field work has finished and the dispatch work has begun, which is the most important,” he said. Said the Barca coach. “It’s reality, it hasn’t reached us. We are Barça, we can’t spend another year in white”; he has added he.

“We have to change things, many things. We have to be realistic, we cannot hide reality”

Xavi, Barça coach

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“Things have to be changed, a lot of things. We have to be realistic, we can’t hide reality”, the coach stated, insisting that he needs quality signings to return Barça to privileged situations. “The diagnosis has been made, we have already discussed it with the president, with Mateu, with Jordi… They are positive”, commented Xavi.

When asked about Neymar, the coach said: “We have to take stock of what can or cannot be done. We have to prioritize the positions that we must do. We haven’t talked about the option of Neymar returning, honestly we haven’t talked “, Xavi has affirmed, insisting, over and over again, that “this has to change”.

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