Xavi is also frustrated with Barça

The Munich disaster legitimizes the coach to make decisions. And it forces you to make urgent decisions. As long as no reinforcements arrive in January, if they do arrive, Xavi must reactivate the team despite the football limitations he suffers.

Seventeen times Xavi played the European competition with Barça and it wasn’t always the Champions League. He was only champion in five. He knew more troubles than joys. His debut as a coach begins exactly the same as how his experiences as a footballer began: eliminated from the Champions League and a fall in consolation to the Europa League, before UEFA.

Not only that. Xavi participated in all six games with Aquel Barca de Van Gaal, that succumbed in the group stage with two victories (against Brondby, now Dinamo Kiev), two draws (with Manchester United, 3-3 each) and two defeats with Bayern Munich. Those (0-1, and 1-2) were more worthy than the two this season.

The coach urged Laporta to sign to reinforce the team due to his terrifying lack of goal.

The first was eaten by Ronald Koeman; the second has been whole for Xavi, who has failed to change the dynamics that the team followed with the Dutchman. Another 3-0 to make it clear that it does not work miracles. But a composition of place has already been made.

Free tokens and salaries

After a month in Barcelona –it was presented on November 8– has reached several conclusions that he has shared with Joan Laporta: the squad urgently needs reinforcements. You will not receive them if there are no cancellations before to release tokens and payment obligations (read lowering the salary limit). For example, that footballers like Philippe Coutinho, Samuel Umtiti or someone else accept a transfer to play for another team which they will never play for Barça. The president went to training when he returned from Munich, but the talk with the coach already took place on the plane.

“It is a blow for me as a coach”, Xavi acknowledged minutes after the catastrophe was consummated. The coach was shocked by the defeat that sent Barça to the humiliation of playing in the Europa League, by his inability to improve the team and to improve the results. He was left without excuses when he came face to face with “reality, harsh reality.”

“It’s a blow,” says Xavi after seeing the loss of talent that weighs on the squad so much.

And that reality is not relegation to the second European competition, where rivals similar to those who have expelled him from the elite await him. The “harsh reality” is that he realized that Barça, his Barça, did not compete with Bayern. Neither could he activate his players nor did he know how to stimulate them to give the limit of their abilities.

The headline ‘looks good’

Frustration seized the technician, helpless for not having aroused the anger and pride of his pupils. The “knife between the teeth” that Gerard Piqué was going to teach and the companions was the repetition of an old topic, the headline It fits well that expires in hours. Xavi, in his heart, was gnawing at not having used the right tools to reverse the situation. Nor does it. No Barça player would start at current Bayern.

The coach spoke of the “many circumstances” that have led Barça to decline, but he did not eliminate the responsibility that corresponds to him. In five games he has only added two wins: the 1-0 penalty against Espanyol Y the “lucky” victory over Villarreal. The team has scored four goals. Five has fitted. Three from Bayern who buried Barça.

Compete better

“Honestly, I expected to compete better with Bayern, but they have been superior and a better team than us,” he reflected, carefully using the “they have been” instead of the “they are superior” which implies the implicit recognition of inferiority. Assumed, however, by Barcelona. “We lack many things, we have to change things. We must be honest.”

The five injured were joined by Alba and Memphis, who will not play in Pamplona on Sunday either.

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The changes, however, will not be as radical as the needs of the team demand, with the club drowned by the debt left by Josep Maria Bartomeu and suffocated by the salary limit that prevents renewing the squad by signing and throwing players. Also joined to the five injured, three of them forwards (Ansu Fati, Sergio Agüero and Martin Braithwaite) that would alleviate the terrifying lack of goal, the main decline of this Barça, corroborated in Munich (fourth game without scoring), on the sixth day of the Champions League in which Antoine Griezmann scored a goal and an assist and Lionel Messi, added two goals .

None of the injured will be ready until January. Discarded is the contest of Jordi Alba and Memphis Depay to face Osasuna on Sunday. The tipping point won’t start until 2022. After the visit to Pamplona, ​​Elche will come to Camp Nou (December 18) and the pending match in Seville will be settled (day 21).


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