Xavi had no flight …

Laporta he cannot be held responsible for the precarious financial situation of the club, nor for the sporting course he was leading on the bench Koeman. So far the president has been simply reactive to the inheritance. But now, finally, almost eight months after taking office, he will start his project. A widely considered plan, although it may not seem like it.

If the bet doesn’t go wrong, your plan will direct you Xavi Hernández. A name that was already available in summer, when Laporta crawled the market. A figure that generated consensus, but the president did not like, to the point that club sources explicitly discarded him.

Linking with Font

Any coach trained in the German school had more options to be on the possible payroll than Terrassa’s. Laporta I did not want to Xavi. Whether it was for its connection with Victor Font – and that was very tepid, not to mention null during the electoral campaign -, either because of his doubts about his experience.

Any coach trained in the German school had more options to be on the possible payroll than Terrassa’s

Koeman he had been carrying a sword suspended over his head since the first match. In October he was miraculously saved and Xavi did not appear in the designed plan either. The dismissal was not a surprise for the fans but, apparently these days, it was for the club’s leadership. The dismissal occurred in the sky to speed up the relief.

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But once they got on the ground, they were surprised Xavi. It turned out that he had not bought the flight from Doha for the next day. They first discovered that an interim would be required and, later, that the Qataris were requesting an official visit to break an existing contract. What could have gone wrong?

The circumstances of a plan drawn up to the millimeter have caused Barça to play its European future in Kiev with Sergi , looking only to survive. If they succeed, in three weeks they will have another vital match. Hopefully by then, Xavi -Or whoever- has arrived.


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