Xavi, always positive

Needy as we are for green shoots, the first game of the era Xavi It has been scrutinized down to the smallest detail in the generous search for signs that indicate a great improvement. If the midfielders advance their position even if it is a tile, it is applauded. Another thing is that, if we go to the greater and not to the detail, the team cannot correct its deficiencies in two weeks: it continues without being hit and it falters in defense as we are accustomed to.

The one from Terrassa, who learned a lot from Van GaalHe wants to always be positive and is willing not to get carried away by that natural tendency to defeatism that appears in times of crisis among Barça fans. In fact, his arrival has impregnated the Camp Nou with illusion to the point that it Xavi he was amazed. Hyperbolically, he even dares to say that he has never seen the stadium as it was before the derby. A shocking statement. But positivism has these things. Better to go long than short, you must think.

From the time of Serra Ferrer

With permission from XaviWe will remember that the last time that Barça was left out of Europe in the first phase, he was a newcomer to the first team who still had to receive a lot of criticism before being recognized as one of the key pieces of the best Barça in history . It was the time of Serra Ferrer and leadership at different levels was for Rivaldo, Puyol O Luis Enrique.

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In the current Barça, Xavi he has asked himself to be the leader and, unlike what has happened to predecessor technicians, no one can interpret it as a challenge. On their shoulders rests the weight of a classification that until this season was taken for granted and that began to be in danger at the moment when Barça decapitalized itself from cracks due to economic needs. They will improve, of course.

AND Xavi he knows that no one is going to blame him for the elimination, if it comes. But just in case, better not to have to check what the real level of Barça’s patience is, both from fans and managers.


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