After the approval of the Simplified Trust Regime, which will come into effect as of the following year, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) reported that it works in an administrative facility to incorporate into it taxpayers who are part of an organization with non-profit purposes. lucrative.

Through an informative note, the collecting body recalled that this regime can be accessed by taxpayers who are in the regimes of Business and Professional Activities; lease; Tax Incorporation; as well as those of Agricultural, Livestock, Fishing and Silvicultural Activities.

“Currently, the SAT is building an administrative facility with the intention of incorporating into the Simplified Trust Regime those taxpayers who are part of a non-profit organization (Credit Unions, Cooperative Societies, Insurance Funds, Rural Production Societies, Associations Agricultural or Livestock, among others). With this facility, the 38,357 taxpayers who are part of said organizations could join, ”explained the collecting body.

The Simplified Trust Regime will come into effect from 2022 and seeks to attract more taxpayers to formality, by granting them reduced ISR rates and fewer procedures to those who have to carry out until this year, even those causing lower income.

It is aimed at both individuals whose income is up to 3.5 million pesos per year, as well as for legal entities with income of up to 35 million pesos per year.

“The members of this sector who join the Simplified Trust Regime will not have to worry about deducting all those expenses that their current regime allows them, but they will obtain the maximum benefits as if they had done so. In addition, the SAT will provide them with their pre-filled declaration to make their payment and with this, they will not need a third-party specialist (accountant or accounting firm) to make their own declaration ”, he stressed.

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The Treasury also specified that the taxpayers of the primary sector will not be affected, in any way, the economic government support they receive since its legal nature is not taxable.

According to figures from the supervisory body, the primary sector is made up of 1 million 700,000 taxpayers, of which 99.2% have annual income that does not exceed 900,000 pesos; while only 0.3% present annual income of more than 3,500,000 pesos.

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