Workers fail to form a union at Amazon headquarters in Staten Island

Workers at a headquarters Amazon in New York They refused to create a union, according to Monday’s vote count, a month after employees at a neighboring warehouse managed to form their own.

62% of workers at the Staten Island facility voted against the union, with 618 employees against and 380 in favoraccording to results released by US officials.

The election in the LDJ5 was carried out after the unexpected victory of the Amazon union, on April 1, at the JFK8 site in Staten Island, where it was established the first Amazon union in the United States.

The result in April is one of the biggest recent victories for the workforce, earning applause from President Joe Biden and other union leaders, some of whom visited Staten Island before the vote.

However, the workers knew defeat in their last campaign.

“The count is over. The election ended without union recognition,” the union acknowledged on Twitter. “The organization will continue in these facilities and beyond. The fight is just beginning.”

Amazon also challenges the union victory won in April, arguing that the group’s representatives intimidated workers and that government officials and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) were biased against the company.

An official statement from the NLRB set a hearing on the complaints filed by Amazon for May 23 in Phoenix.

The union dismissed Amazon’s complaints as baseless, saying the company uses delaying tactics to avoid negotiating a contract.

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