Workers’ commissions call for “invalidation” of Chanel’s election and ballot papers for the Benidorm Fest

TVE is experiencing a bittersweet success with the Benidorm Fest. Despite the enormous social repercussions that the event had and the large audience figures, Chanel’s victory, bolstered by the jury’s voice, continues to generate controversy. The decision of the experts, who proposed Chanel before the favorites Tanxugueiras and Rigoberta Bandini, was also questioned by the Workers’ Commissions, which asked RTVE for transparency about the selection process.

This is a statement, CCOO condemns “alleged irregularities” that they “are so remarkable that they should be cancel the selection of the song that will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The union believes this“Relationships between members of the jury and singer Chanel Terrero” they need to be clarified. It refers to the professional relationship of the ‘SloMo’ singer with a member, something that could have been clearly avoided, mainly to prevent comments being made towards Chanel, who had to leave Twitter due to the great pressure received.

CCOOO insists that “it should be clear if there is a conflict of interest, the voting direction of the people who in the jury have or have had a relationship with the winning singer of the festival” should be clear. “Questions that RTVE must answer: What were the criteria for selecting the jury? Are there or were there professional relationships between members of the jury and the winning singer? What do the voting records reflect? Under what arguments did the jury continue to vote for the participants? “, They state.

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However, the union gives “a very special recognition” in its note “to the group of RTVE professionals who have shown with excellent work the production capacity of the Corporation.”

Especially RTVE acknowledged the controversy generated about the process of selecting the song that represents Spain in Eurovision after the criticism received on Twitter and promised to open a debate for future issues of the Benidorm Fest. Although they have not yet clarified the percentage of votes Chanel received from the public, the truth is that the artist was the third most voted option by the public and the second for the demographic jury, so, if there is no irregularity, his victory is more than legitimate.

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