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Darun Henry considered Massey Park in Brampton, Ontario. your sanctuary.

Speaking to Global News, she described it as the place she went to seek clarity and be the best version of herself.

The mother or two and the physical trainer said she lost her gym during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I lost my clients, and the gym has always been the place I went to receive my therapy, where I went to free myself, heal and strengthen myself,” he said.

On September 15, around 11 a.m., he went for a jog in Massey Park, located near Bramalea Road and Bovaird Drive East.

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19-year-old man charged after 2 women assaulted in Brampton parks, Peel police say

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Henry, who had taken his cell phone and tripod, had been taking photos and creating content for social media.

At one point, he says he decided to stop, stretch, and meditate.

“I just reached down and stretched my hamstrings and saw it through my legs. And then he attacked me, ”he said.

He went public with his story and posted it on Instagram.

“He came to strangle me, and thankfully I had the confidence and the courage, and the reaction to just punch him in the face,” Henry said.

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Henry, who revealed that he has taken boxing lessons, attributed that experience to giving him the strength to fight back.

Six days later, Peel police say another woman was accosted in Jayfield Park and allegedly assaulted.

Peel Regional Police say there may be more victims and are now calling for others to come forward.

“I think my predator found out I was vulnerable and thought I was someone who would comply. And he was very wrong. I am not his victim. I’m his worst nightmare, ”Henry said.

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