WOKE WATCH: Toronto Writer Wants ‘Virginity’ To Be Replaced By ‘Sex Debut’

The rebranding would mean that “girls don’t start their journey with a deficit,” he says.

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The “sexual debut” sounds more like a star of Kentucky’s opening salvo in adult film than a new buzzword.

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But that’s what it is, as the armies of the enlightened now want to throw the term “virginity” on the sidewalk.

According to the BBC, feminist scholars have been infuriated by the term for years. And here it comes … the term should be more … inclusive!

“We still have this rickety old word that sums up what is supposed to be an expansive age,” said the Toronto cultural critic. Nicolle Hodges told the BBC, adding that it is “such a limiting idea.”

“It’s not just about replacing ‘virginity’ with a new term, but saying that virginity is a concept that doesn’t exist, because your sexual journey never ends,” he added.

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Virginity has traditionally been placed on a pedestal and, unfortunately, marking that first time makes sex a trophy that some men seek. Hodges claims he has the answer.

“Sex debut”.

“It’s time to change the name from virginity to sexual debut so girls don’t start their journey with a deficit, feeling like they’ve lost or given up on something,” Hodges tweeted last year. “We have few modern initiation rites, and the fact that this transition / discovery is shrouded in shame has to change. Is a celebration! “

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But wait. There are problems in the cozy confines of wokedom. Some critics are lukewarm about the “sexual debut.”

“When you use a term like virginity, or sexual debut, you are necessarily defining a person’s sexuality in the context of being intimate with another person. Partner sex is required to define a person’s sexual identity and experience, ”sex educator Julia Feldman-DeCoudreaux told the New York Post.

“The logical extension of that is that a person’s ability to feel sexual pleasure, or to feel sexually satisfied, must also require the participation of another person.”


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